How this mama gets her teeth white at home.

Hey there! This post is long over due, I’ve been meaning to tell you all about how I manage to keep my teeth looking white even with all the coffee drinking this mama does!

Right after babe was born I was asked to try out Smile Brilliant, an at home teeth whitening system. The first thing I thought was YES send it my way! While being pregnant I wasn’t using anything to whiten my teeth, not even whitening tooth paste because my teeth are super sensitive. I just used a toothpaste for sensitivity which didn’t whiten.

During my pregnancy not only was I still drinking my daily coffee, I got the craving for coke too. So my teeth were in definite need of some whitening.

While they sent me the kit super fast, I didn’t realize how consumed my time was with babe, so using the kit sat on the back burner.

Finally, a month ago, I started to give it a go. Even though the directions say to use it at least 45 minutes to 3 hours before bed to get best results, this mama has been a rebel. Being a mama to three, it is hard for me to find the time, or even remember to put in the trays for an hour before bed. Once I think to do it, I want to go to bed, not sit and whiten my teeth. So what I do is when I’m about to jump in the shower, where no talking is really required, I pop in the trays and start to let my teeth whiten. I do mostly shower in the evening, so that I am doing right. 😉 I keep the trays in while I continue to get ready for bed like, ya know, when I get out of the shower, lotion up, and put pjs on. Most of the time that means my teeth are getting whitened for 30 mins max each time.

Results….. my teeth are super white! I’m seeing results for sure, and if you have the time to go the full-time you will probably have the teeth of a celebrity!;p You don’t have to take my word for it, check out these awesome peeps who managed to use the whitening kits as directed. 🙂

I have not yet finished, but I am going to continue to use the kit until it’s all gone.

A bit about the kit: each comes with 2 impression trays and material that you will use to have them make a custom tray perfect for your teeth! You just follow the directions, make a mold of your teeth, send it back free of charge, and days later you get a custom tray that fits you perfect! Then of course the whitening gel and desensitizing gel for sensitive teeth. My kit came with that, but I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the whiten gel on for the full-time or not, but I found I didn’t need the desensitizing gel.

Now, if you have managed to continue through all my rambling about teeth whitening then you’re in luck because it’s giveaway time! Follow the link below to be entered for a $139 credit towards a Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit. The giveaway lasts from May 31st through June 6th, open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia residents. {Closed}

*This post is in collaboration with Smile Bright*