6 months postpartum update

It has already been six months since I had baby Maxwell, and though that last miserable month is still fresh in my mind, not to mention labor, 😳 I am having total baby fever. Yep, he is just that great of a baby, or maybe it is just that mama finally has her baby boy. Like I have mentioned before, my husband is very much the “more the merrier” type of person when it comes to babies, so I have to be the strong practical one in the relationship. I am giving myself till Maxwell is one year old before making any hasty decisions on a fourth babe.

One of my reasons for wanting a fourth babe is that I see the relationship my girls have and they are thick as thieves. They may have their fights, but they also always have each other. With Max being so much younger (4 years) he is missing out on that with them, so he needs a sibling to be thick as thieves with too!


Anyway moving on to the postpartum because that is why you are here.

The very end of month four is when I officially stopped exclusively pumping. Maxwell continued to drink my milk until the end of five months and now he is on formula. I have him on this kind here, it was the same I used for the girls. The last couple weeks of his fifth month all he would do is stare when anyone in the family would eat, so we started him on some different types of food, he was so ready.

He rolls around the living room floor from back to belly and belly to back all day long. He is getting better and better at sitting up. I have a feeling he is going to give me a run for my money when he starts truly being mobile. He makes the sound “MuMu”, like Mama, but I would not say it is his first word because it is not directed towards me. He is a chunk and I love it! I love baby rolls! Adalynn was a chunky baby too. He also still really loves his sleep.

As for me, the hair loss is insane right now. I can easily pull handfuls of hair out with ease. My hair is everywhere and it is outta control! My itty bitty’s are back, if ya know what I mean. I have been checking my weight and I am not quite back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am in a size four jean now, but was a zero pre-pregnancy. One think I keep having to tell myself is, I am comparing my four year post baby body to my now six month post baby body. They are not going to be the same. Though I wear a bigger size and am still not at my “normal” weight, comparing pictures of before and after I look pretty similar and I am happy with where I am at. I continue to workout 30-40 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week. I am eating a bit healthier but mostly just eating my normal portions.

Well, that’s it!

My pesky postpartum hormones

Ever since I made the decision to exclusively pump I also made a decision that after three months I would stop. I over produced the entire time I was pumping and doubling the amount of milk needed for baby. I have a deep freezer full of stored milk. I planned this so that I could continue to feed him my milk after I stopped pumping. Lasting till he was 6 months, which give or take, that’s how far I nursed my girls.

Well the week Max turned four months was when I stopped. I had been getting my body ready I didn’t just go cold turkey. I pumped less and less that third month.

Now it’s kicking in, that mom guilt. The guilt those postpartum hormones give you when you start to ween and they go a little wacko. I know for me it was a great decision to stop pumping. I know I have a back supply of my milk that will at least last till he’s six months old. I also know that I didn’t feel this way when I stopped nursing with the girls. Fun huh? Why is that? I think it’s because as much as I’m happy to be done with engorgement, leaky boobs, lop sided boobs and the sound of a breast pump. This will more then likely be our last baby. I mean a little part of me wants to give Max a playmate since the girls are so much older BUT I also think that’s another side affect of those pesky hormones. 😉



My 4 Month Postpartum Body

Before getting pregnant with baby number three I would say I was in the best shape of my life. Eating healthy and working out daily.

When I first started getting fit about three years ago I started with running, and though I love the accomplishment I felt after running five, six, and then my longest eight miles, I was not getting the physical results I wanted. I naturally have a thin frame and I am short with a super short torso. No athletic build at all. Though I was thin I still felt blah, so I started weight training and wow what a difference. I started getting muscle, and super toned, and a flat tummy which again, though I have always been thin I have always had a little pouch.

Then, when I got pregnant I was motivated by all these fit, healthy, pregnant mamas, and thought I am going to do that too! Well my cravings took over I started wanting fast food, soda (which I had not drank in years!) and anything with sugar. I did continue to workout but not on the daily, and way less intense with no weights.

I stayed on track and only gained 30 lbs which is normal, and considering my diet, lucky.

Right after baby three was born, while still in the hospital I started wearing a belly bandit. It was great on my lower back and I am sure helped to push everything back in. Then I was dealing with sleep deprivation and horrible engorgement I was definitely not motivated to change my eating habits, or do any low impact workouts for the first few weeks. Which hey ladies, last time I checked you should not workout till six weeks postpartum, even though I do see a lot of fit women starting right outta the hospital it seems like, which also made me feel a little pressured.

At six weeks is when I started run/walking after dropping off the girls at school. When I wasn’t doing that I would come home and do a workout.

I started my weight training with Beachbody‘s Body Beast the summer of 2015 and since then, I have been doing several different Beachbody workouts. That is what I enjoy. I am not big into going to the gym, and I like the convenience of being able to just do a random workouts at home whenever I am able too.

So ya, I am not yet where I want to be. I have not gotten my eating habits totally back on track yet, and I just this week stopped exclusively pumping. I have started the Hammer and Chisel Beachbody workout, which I’ve done before and enjoyed.

I am my own motivation, I can be a 31, almost 32 year old mom of three and still be fit, healthy, and be my version of looking good in a bikini.


 *thoughts are my own, not sponsered by Beachbody, however I am a coach*

My Instagram Round-up for April

I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers post Instagram round ups on their blogs and thought that’s a great idea! I don’t fully consider myself a fashion blogger but more of a mom style blogger. I love to stay on trend but I usually tone it down a bit to fit my every day mom style. That being said, here’s my Instagram outfits for the month of April!

Joggers {wearing size small} // Striped top // Sneakers // Jean Jacket {similar} // Hat {similar} // Sunnies

I call this the “8am soccer mom” look. These total on trend joggers are this moms favorite! Besides the comfort it brings to early morning soccer games I also like to rock them all week when dropping the kids off at school! A good pair of sneakers is also a must when pushing a stroller up a soccer field. The jean jacket is a classic that never goes out of style! This look wouldn’t be me without stripes! The ball cap and sunnies are perfect for hiding my mom of three raccoon eyes for both early A.M. Soccer games and school drop offs.

Tee {wearing a medium} // Jeans // Shoes // Bag // Hat {similar} // Sunnies // Watch

This one I’m calling the “grocery run” because I was rocking it during a solo grocery trip. What mom doesn’t love trips to the store without the kids? I’d prefer it to be Target but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Now I’ll admit I’m usually a fan of American Eagle jeans and I only buy them when they are doing the BOGO 50% off, but after almost a year of scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing other stylin’ moms wearing these babies, and dropping weight, by that I mean giving birth, I decided to spend the money and get these ripped jeans. They did not disappoint, I wear them pretty much everyday; even when I’ve spilt breast milk on them. The Adidas All-Stars! Man, do they bring me back to the good ole’ days of teenage drama and insecurities…No, but seriously I’m so glad they are back in style I love rocking them again! Once again we’ve got the stripes, hat and sunnies because well it’s what I like. This purse stays hung by the door, so when I do get to go solo and don’t want to be drug down by the weight of everything in my diaper bag I can just throw my wallet and keys in it and run out the door, literally before my husband changes his mind about taking care of the kids by himself. J/k he’s happy to do it…well at least I think he is.

Tee {similar} // Shoes // Sunnies // Watch // Jeans {size up!}

This look was my “I hope a tornado doesn’t hit the house” outfit. Right after I put this look together me and babe sat in the safest room in the house, the down stairs bathroom, while sirens went off. Another pair of great ripped jeans that are, surprise! American Eagle! They are high-waisted so great for my postpartum belly but you definitely need to size up. Which isn’t so great for my postpartum self-esteem but they are still great jeans and I’m diggin’ ’em. Rose gold mirrored shades are totally in this Spring/Summer I’m so glad I have these babies I picked up last summer. Who else is guilty of using watches more like an accessory to an outfit then using them to actually tell the time? Ya, and the Jord wooden watch is great to add to a casual look. When I’m not wearing stripes I’m a total fan of graphic tees especially ones that represent me, this one screams Amanda.

Dress {this print no longer available} // Sandals // Watch // Sunnies

Here I’ve got my “finally giving into the fact that I live in a very hot climate and sometime dresses are the most practical look” look. You can’t beat a good Old Navy sale and so I picked out this gem of a dress during a 50% off sale, which I’m sure will still be going on once I post this. These are my go-to sunnies they are my only polarized ones…. Did you know they are way better for your eyes than regular plain sunglasses? I’m not going to get into it but ya you should totally Google it. These sandals are from Target need I say more.

Top // Jeans // Sandals // Watch

A mash-up of pieces I’ve already mentioned plus this cute ruffles top that once again I snagged during an Old Navy sale. The ruffle trend is a great away to feel girly while rocking those growing biceps you get from lugging around a 30lb car seat.

Jeans // Top // Tote // Sandals // Watch // Sunnies

Last but not least my “black ripped jeans” look. The jeans are from American Eagle, Hello BOGO?!? The top of course is stripes but it’s a cute peplum top which is totally in and hides that extra tummy skin I’m working with right now. The bag you saw in my post that I’m using it as my diaper bag and love it!
Well there you have it! My Instagram round-up! Here’s to next month and trying not to wear stripes EVERYday……

*I’ll be doing a separate post all about my beach vacation looks.*