6 months postpartum update

It has already been six months since I had baby Maxwell, and though that last miserable month is still fresh in my mind, not to mention labor, 😳 I am having total baby fever. Yep, he is just that great of a baby, or maybe it is just that mama finally has her baby boy. Like I have mentioned before, my husband is very much the “more the merrier” type of person when it comes to babies, so I have to be the strong practical one in the relationship. I am giving myself till Maxwell is one year old before making any hasty decisions on a fourth babe.

One of my reasons for wanting a fourth babe is that I see the relationship my girls have and they are thick as thieves. They may have their fights, but they also always have each other. With Max being so much younger (4 years) he is missing out on that with them, so he needs a sibling to be thick as thieves with too!


Anyway moving on to the postpartum because that is why you are here.

The very end of month four is when I officially stopped exclusively pumping. Maxwell continued to drink my milk until the end of five months and now he is on formula. I have him on this kind here, it was the same I used for the girls. The last couple weeks of his fifth month all he would do is stare when anyone in the family would eat, so we started him on some different types of food, he was so ready.

He rolls around the living room floor from back to belly and belly to back all day long. He is getting better and better at sitting up. I have a feeling he is going to give me a run for my money when he starts truly being mobile. He makes the sound “MuMu”, like Mama, but I would not say it is his first word because it is not directed towards me. He is a chunk and I love it! I love baby rolls! Adalynn was a chunky baby too. He also still really loves his sleep.

As for me, the hair loss is insane right now. I can easily pull handfuls of hair out with ease. My hair is everywhere and it is outta control! My itty bitty’s are back, if ya know what I mean. I have been checking my weight and I am not quite back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am in a size four jean now, but was a zero pre-pregnancy. One think I keep having to tell myself is, I am comparing my four year post baby body to my now six month post baby body. They are not going to be the same. Though I wear a bigger size and am still not at my “normal” weight, comparing pictures of before and after I look pretty similar and I am happy with where I am at. I continue to workout 30-40 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week. I am eating a bit healthier but mostly just eating my normal portions.

Well, that’s it!