My current in shower beauty products.

My favorite time of day to take a shower is in the evening after I have finally put the kids to bed. It is then that I can take a shower in peace and be all clean and cozy for my own bedtime.

Let me start by saying that I am a poof and body wash girl all the way. Right now I am using the Raw Sugar, mango and coconut, body wash per the recommendation of a friend. I love all smells coconut and this one is no exception.

The first thing I do when I get in the shower is wash my makeup off. I have my favorite products for makeup removal in my skin care post here. Once all my makeup is washed off I wash my hair with my Dove shampoo, and I always deep condition when I wash my hair with my holy grail L’OrĂ©al hair mask.

I recently received a razor and shave gel from Harry’s, a monthly razor subscription. You can also just find them at Target whoop whoop! Normally when you think Harry’s, you think men, but have you ever noticed how men’s razors are better than women’s!? Why is that? These razors are no exception to that assumption! They get an awesomely close shave even on those pesky knees! The shaving gel is very masculine in scent but I don’t mind, guys smell good and it doesn’t linger.

Once I am all done and have everything rinsed of I lotion up. I’m an avid lotion user. I do not live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s but recently was able to go to one and stocked up on my all time favorite coconut body butter, it smells like vanilla icing! When I am not able to get it I will use the Jergen’s coconut moisturizing lotion.

There you have it! Now you know what I’m doing and using in the shower….because that statement didn’t sound dirty at all!