The Middle Child

The middle child!

My little Emily D is super excited to be getting a baby brother, she tells any one who will listen all about it. Everyday I get asked if he’s coming out yet and that she’s going to give him a bunch of kisses.

I don’t know if it’s the age gap or personality or maybe a bit of both but when I was pregnant with Emily my oldest Adalynn was barely two when she was born and she never acknowledged I was pregnant. Once Emily was born it was just like meh, mom has a baby now. So to be getting this type of excitement this time around makes me that much more excited.


Little does Emily know this will put her in the middle child category. I don’t know if and how it will change her, she has been the baby for four years! Right now the only thing I predict is though these days she likes doing things on her own and likes to refer to herself as a big girl even though she still expects help with things like eating and she is quick to act helpless when it suits her, so that part may get worse when she’s feeling left out because of the baby.

I was told by a fellow mom that switching from one to two kids was actually harder than two to three because the first two start helping each other out more and playing well because they realize that all they’ve got is each other when mom is busy with baby. I’m fingers crossed that’s how it works out for me.

As a family we can’t be more thrilled to be adding a boy to the mix! With that, I’m not going to be intimidated by all those boy moms out there telling me dressing a boy isn’t as fun as a girl because girls just have cuter stuff! I believe that is entirely not true and I’m kinda over the hot pink tutus!


One thing I’m loving on lil ones are the Freshly Picked moccasins! They are super cute and I heard from friends they are made to last! I’ve received a pair for baby boy that are oh so cute and can’t wait to put on his little baby feet and I also got a super cute pair for Emily so she can rock out and match little bro. She’s been wearing them non stop since I received them and on a four year old they really are durable!

I’m super in love with these moccasins that I’m doing a giveaway on any pair of your choosing over on my Instagram! Also Freshly Picked is having a Black Tuesday sale on November 22 starting 10am MST that lasts 24 hrs and offers 25% off the entire site! This sale only comes around twice a year!!


Emily’s Here & Baby Boy’s Here

Pregnancy and Fashion

I mentioned I was going to do maternity wear posts and then I fell off the map with that one!
Sorry ladies,
As a blogger I follow a lot of other bloggers and honestly find myself intimidated by their awesome mom style and being able to style the bump so well.
Pregnancy is not my forte, I’m pretty self-conscious during the nine months of growing a human.
It’s hard to explain, maybe other ladies like myself will understand the whole imagine issue but I’ll try my best to explain. I often see the latest season trend on a woman of my size pre-pregnancy and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, I go off and try to wear that same look and then realize that ya umm… it’s not looking the same with big boobs and a growing belly. It just doesn’t fit right and of course I get down on myself.
Those body image issues are not a joke and definitely make you NOT feel like yourself during pregnancy.
I still want to give you some of my go to clothes and maternity wear I’ve found so far and what’s made me feel good during this pregnancy before it’s too late!

Now that it’s somewhat chilly here I’ve been able to sport this comfy pullover from a super cute maternity brand called Kimi & Kai. Totally my style and so versatile. I can dress it up with some cute booties and jeans or wear it super casual with my maternity leggings and sneakers!

Kimi & Kai also have some super cute dresses that I’ve been eying that are perfect for the up coming holidays! Be sure and check them out! Use discount code delightful20 for 20% off your purchase!!



It’s A BOY!

If you follow any of my social media you already know that babe number three is a boy!


My husband could not be more happy about the news. I on the other hand have been worried for years about having a third and being disappointed it was another girl and honestly now it’s bitter sweet. I’m in slight shock that we will now have a boy in the family, and it’s something I’m not use to, all I know is girls.


Now I’m not worried about all those things people say about boys; how they are tough and rough, they pee in your face as newborns and all that jazz. I’m the type that think how long is it ok to smother them with my hugs and kisses and cuddle them tight? How am I going to help raise a boy that will some day be a man that will be expected to support and raise his own family? Yes, I want my daughters to grow up and be successful, strong, independent woman but, call me old fashioned, I also know I want them to have that happily ever after with the man of their dreams that can and will support them as the two of them grow their own family someday.



Things are definitely going to be different now and I’m nervous, but it’s a good nervous. One thing that I do hear so much about boys is just how much they love their mamas and that makes this mamas heart super happy.

Here’s a video of the reveal, as you will see Emily was over the moon about finding out it was a boy. 😉

A Sunday with the family

Hope all you mama’s out there had a great Mother’s Day.

I was pleasantly surprised my hubby was able to take the day of to spoil me. My day started a little later while my family let me sleep in a bit. Once I came downstairs my oldest Adalynn was grinning ear to ear and pulled out a card she made at school and ran over and handed it to me while telling me “Happy Mother’s Day!”

It was the sweetest card with a picture of she and I on the front painted in watercolor, I was wearing stripes, oh how she knows her mama. The inside was sweet and funny  things about me from the view of my 6 year old. My favorite thing she wrote was that when she is at school I rest. Boy do I wish that was actually true. HA!


After eating some yummy pancakes that the hubby made for me, we got ready and headed to the neighborhood pool. It was fun and a bit relaxing hanging pool side.

Once we got home the girls had definitely wore themselves out, so we mostly just spend the rest of the day just cuddling at home and finished the day grilling.

It was a simply day, that I am truly thankful for, as a wife of a soldier having my family together for special days like Mother’s Day is enough for me.