My Favorite Foundation

Though I love recommending certain products and clothing pieces to you, I’m just as much of, if not more, a reader or viewer of products to get and try.

I’m obsessed with watching beauty gurus on YouTube. That’s where I get great makeup tricks and ideas and learn about products I’ve seen and want to try or have never even heard of.

I was using my It cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream but honestly I’m over looking like a Twilight character and the shade was getting to dark now that my beach tan is faded away.  I thought I wanted to go back to the L’Oréal Cushion Foundation. It’s a great light coverage foundation for summer. Everything out there makes you believe light coverage is best in the summer! Yay! But with all this heat the light coverage stuff just melts right off my skin. I’m a dry skin lady and in the winter full coverage just doesn’t work. That’s when my skin is at its worst and can look like a hot caking, flaky mess so that’s actually the best time for a good light weight foundation for me. I want to go full coverage in the summer when my skin is at its best…sounds strange but trust me a more full coverage foundation looks natural on my skin in the summer! It’s great.

A foundation I kept hearing about over and over again was the new Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation. It was always promoted by younger women with combo to oily skin. Being only $5 from the drug store I had my doubts on what it would do for me. Well I was strolling the beauty aisle of Walmart. Which by the way, I should totally do more often they have so much to choose from. I never think to go there. Anyway, they had the Wet n Wild Foundation and it is only $5 so I picked it up.

OMG ladies! It looks so good on the skin!! It last forever too!! I wore it during our trip to Texas and it never looked dry or cakey after a full day traveling and being on a plane. It was still looking amazing after a night walking in the heat and humidity of San Antonio. It seriously was the best! My makeup looked great from the moment I applied it at 8am till I washed it off usually around 10 or 11 at night. It looks so natural too! Not too full coverage that it looked like a mask. My freckles showed through, it just evened everything out.


I don’t know how it will work on my dry skin in the winter I may need to just go back to a good light coverage foundation but it’s definitely what I’m going to be rocking the rest of the summer!

Here are the products I use to finish up my everyday look.