Our family trip to Texas

With my husbands job it is really hard to get time off, but he was able to somehow get a few days after I convinced him to take me on vacation to his parents. So to Texas we went!

It was baby Max’s first time on a plane and he did great! He slept both during take off and landing. The girls had a blast getting to take a trip on a plane instead of the usual car ride.

While being around family the husband and I took advantage of it. The girls and baby Max had a sleepover with their cousins while he and I spent the night in San Antonio on the Riverwalk. We got to meet up with some long time friends and enjoy the evening kid free.

I was so excited the next morning to get back to baby Max, so when I saw him and got no special reaction I was a bit disappointed. My husband had to remind me that he is only four months old and is not the best at showing emotion, which of course I know, but my silly mom hormones wanted smiles and hugs.

The next couple of days were spent just letting the girls enjoy time with their cousins and celebrating Independence Day.

The day before we left we took the kids to downtown San Antonio to the Alamo and the Guinness World Records museum. The girls loved it! It was very hands on and had lots for them to do. While walking around in the heat we had the girls wearing their camelbaks. It’s a great way for them to stay hydrated and they do not mind wearing the backpack to hold water, but you know if they had water bottles I would be carrying them on top of Mr. Max and the diaper bag. So many people noticed and commented on what a great idea the camelbaks were, you never think to have your kids just wear a water source around town! Usually they are used for hiking but they are best for even around town!


That was pretty much it! By day six we were all ready to head home and be back to our stuff and our routine. The girls were so happy to be back to mom’s way of making food. You would be surprised how good your kids will eat mom’s cooking when they don’t have it for awhile. ;p

Hope you all had a great Independence Day! Now it is time to start getting ready for back to school! My kids start back in the beginning of August!

How I’m keeping the kids busy this summer.

I’m going to start off by saying I am NOT one of those total hands on mom’s. I don’t plans craft days and picnics at the park days, or have the week planned out with all kinds of fun activities. It sounds so nice to be one of those mom’s. I always have good intentions but then the days come and go and I’m just trying not to scream at my girls after they consistently fight with each other or having my patiences tested while they ask me to do things and get things for them all day long! Good grief! Baby Max is pretty easy going for now mostly sleeping through the day and not wanting much from me except food and the occasional diaper change.

I mostly just tell my kids to find something to entertain themselves. With that I’ve found some things that have kept them entertained so far this summer without having too many hours of the dreaded “screen time” (that last part was totally sarcastic).

An inflatable pool in the backyard. Yes! It’ll be one of the best forty bucks you spend this summer. The girls love spending hours beating the heat in ours, lil’ Max even enjoys it for 15 minutes or so when he’s not sleeping or eating. It also allows us to avoids the public neighborhood pool most days. Which I love because it’s such a task to get all the kids to the pool and finding a shady spot for the baby and keeping him happy for more then 45 minutes.

Next workbooks. I purchased a getting ready for kindergarten book for Emily and a 2nd grade one for Adalynn. It’s been a great way to keep them on track for the up coming school year and keeps them happy and quiet while they work on them. It requires a bit more effort on my part with Emily because she needs to know the directions on different pages but Adalynn is able to do it all on her own.

Dig it up, these are rocks that have gems or fossils in them and the kids have to chisel and dig to get to the prize. It’s the greatest, it kept my girls outside chiseling away for hours!!! It’s a great outdoor activity as it’s a bit messy.

Chores!! You heard me! I made a chore chart inspired by Pinterest and got my kids to start helping me around the house!! I mainly wanted Adalynn my oldest to really start earning her keep as she is now seven, but I couldn’t leave out little sis because she would want to have chores too and why shouldn’t she?! It’s been great! I had to lower my standards on what I think is clean because, well, a four and seven year old are doing the cleaning. BUT not having to empty the dishwasher has been A-mazing! Also it’s been nice for me to not be the one cleaning up their toothpaste all over the sink and bathroom counter.

I feel like it’s hard sometimes as a parent to grow with your kids. You are so use to them being dependent on you that as they get older you just continue to do things for them, when really they can totally do things themselves. Giving them chores had taught me that, if anything I wish I would have started it sooner with Adalynn.

Trips to the library! That I do make sure I do with my kiddos. The best part is every time we get home the girls spend hours reading and flipping through books. It’s another way for them to keep up and be ready for the next school year.

Well that’s it! It’s been about a month since schools been out. We are headed to see family in Texas and that will hopefully break up the summer break a bit and before I know it the girls will be in school again and it’ll just be Max and me during the day.


Summer Packing-Family trip

I’m leaving on a jet plane with the hubby and three kids to visit the in laws later this week. I’m making it a little easier on myself and got the girls their own suitcases to motivate them to roll around their own luggage. I still have to manage to fit my stuff, the hubby’s stuff and baby Max’s stuff all into one suitcase that we will be checking. Max is a great baby but that’s because he is very routine and has his “things” like we put him in his Dockatot in the crib while in his sleep sack and play his mobile every time he naps and goes to bed at night. He also likes his play mat and can lay there for hours content, SO I need to be able to pack those things (probably not the Dockatot). So I’m going to need to pack light for myself.

I recently read a blog post from one of my favorite blogger Cori Lynn of Dress Cori Lynn. Her post is all about what she calls capsule packing. Starting with a basic color scheme and a few pieces that you can put together several outfits from. I thought I’d give that ago and wanted to share with you the pieces I’m going to take with me and the different outfits I made out of them.



Surprise, surprise I decided to go with neutrals, white, blue and gray for my color scheme. I added a pop of color with one of my shoe picks, red tennis shoes. Since I will be on our trip during the fourth of July I thought the pop of red would be perfect! I can easily be patriotic with red, white and blue. I ended up with 4 tops, 3 bottoms, a dress and 4 pairs of shoes. I normally wouldn’t pack a dress BUT the hubs and I are planning a night away from the kids (in over a year, a hospital visit to pop out a baby doesn’t count) and I wanted to be able to get a little more dressed up than usual. The dress I picked, however, can be dressed up or down so it’s PERFECT for capsule packing. I’ll be in Texas in July so I didn’t bother with a cardigan or jacket so to add layers to a look I added a jean vest. The gingham button up can also be layered for different looks.  I prefer to wear pants but there will be days spent mostly outdoors and again its summer so I do have a pair of jean shorts for a bottom. White jeans and a great pair of distressed jeans were my other bottom choices. Besides the gingham button up I’m bringing a couple striped tops, (of course) a tank top with the cutest bow detail on the back and peplum top.  I added a gray bell sleeved tee as well. For shoes like I mentioned the red tennis shoes were chosen because of the holiday. I wanted more comfy sneaker too so my All-Stars were a must. What kinda summer trip doesn’t need a cute pair of flip flops and these sandals are a great neutral.

I also added a baseball cap, sunnies and a smaller cross body handbag to add a little something to the different outfits I put together. The accessories will make the different pieces stretch out to even more looks! After I rounded up all the pieces I was able to come up with more than 12 different looks. I’m only gone for seven days total so for the sake of this post I’m showing nine different looks because I may want to do an outfit change during the day. 😉

This doesn’t include the undergarments I will be adding or the pajamas, but really you put in one good neutral bra several underpants and a comfy shirt and sweats for pajamas.  Although I did buy a cute pair of jammies for the trip. When do you have an excuse to spend money on pajamas? So I made an excuse. 😉



Happy Father’s Day!

I gotta good one….

After a twelve hour plus day at work my husband comes home and without skipping a beat gives all the kids kisses and hugs, as the girls climb all over him like a jungle gym. Then without hesitation takes Max into his arms and snuggles him close realizing he needed a diaper change, with no complaints or trying to get out of it, changes that stinky diaper, maybe freaking out if he gets poop on his hand. 😉

We sit together at the dinner table together listening to Adalynn talk about the most random things while both my husband and I take turns telling Emily to eat her food and shoving bites into her mouth, Max sits next to the table in his bouncer gnawing on his stuffed robot.

Once dinner is done it’s time to get the kids ready for bed, my husband still in uniform with no time to change takes Max upstairs and sings to him while babe splashes in the tub laughing so hard at his dad’s singing and dance moves, once baby is squeaky clean he get him dressed and ready for bed. Sits in the peace and quiet of Max’s room feeding him his last bottle of the day before kissing him goodnight and laying him down in his crib.

The girls have gotten themselves ready for bed and wait not so patiently for dad to make his appearance by their bedside to read them a story before bed. Not minding that they picked the longest book they can find, he reads the story to them with such enthusiasm. The story is over and each girl doesn’t want to let go of him after wrapping their arms around his neck for a hug before they sleep.

I’ve made it down the stairs before him and begin folding the pile of laundry that has been sitting on the living room floor all day. After finally rinsing off the day and getting into sweats he comes down the stairs to help me fold what is left.

Finally he pours me a glass of wine and we snuggle on the couch till he falls asleep next to me which he denies when I nudge him saying let’s got to bed.

The love and patience my husband has for our children, his family, makes this mama so happy that I can call him mine. 🙂

Happy Father’s Day!

Let’s be Thankful

Let’s be thankful…
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m very much a glass half empty kinda gal these days and it’s definitely not something I’m proud of….
So naturally when this time of year comes along I’m not the first one to jump on the thankful bandwagon.
I really wish I was some one who could shout what I’m thankful for from the roof tops and really truly mean it.
I want to really change that because when I sit back take a breath I really DO have a lot to be thankful for….

Two healthy and for the most part happy little girls. Though I struggle daily on liking them, them fighting with each each other and all the talking back to me. The sass oh the sass, the feeling of them never ever listening to anything I say. Always questioning my parenting … good grief (said Charlie Brown) 😩
Despite that, they are a miracle from God and I love them with everything I have.

My husband and his career I’m going to count together. He really is a great man to me, for me and also the best dad. I’m thankful for his stable career in the military with the benefits of a guaranteed paycheck (for the most part) and healthcare for our family. Now this is why I put my man and his career together, if we do fight it usually starts with me being resentful of his job. It’s been a very demanding job no matter the position he has had. I love him for being so passionate about his career and that he wants to climb the ladder and be successful but with that comes lots of time away from me and our kids. So though he is doing his best with what he has I’m still stubborn and want him here for my every beck and call but also want him to have the career, you know have my cake and eat it too. 😉Is that too much to ask?
Being pregnant, I’m so very thankful for being pregnant with our third baby!! It’s such an exciting and happy thing to know I’m going to get to hold another baby of mine in my arms. Did you know I’ve had 4 miscarriages?! The last one was the beginning of this year and it was very very hard on me emotionally because I was so ready for this third baby chapter in my life. On the other hand right now my body is not my own. I’m so tired as I type this I’m experiencing heartburn for the 3rd time today. I feel so big, and I run out of breath just doing everyday things. Let’s not get started on how I manage to get off the couch or all the bodily functions I can’t control these days. 🙈

Money in the bank (🎶shorty whatcha think🎶)! Call me what you’d like but I’m just your average middle class American that wishes I had more money…like always. But guess what? I’m thankful for the money we do have, we aren’t rubbing pennies together to pay our bills nor have to pick which ones to pay, and we have enough for food, gas and a place to live and ya know what? That’s not bad.


I can go on and on but that was definitely a good start.
Just know that though I’m a glass half empty most days. I am truly thankful for my life.

How I met my GI Joe.


This year will be 11 years married to my man. Like everyone says marriage is hard and you have to work at it and trust me we have, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. We’ve been together since I was in high school and he was a brand new soldier and we have both grown into different people then when we originally met, it’s going to happen we were both so young it would be crazy to think we would be the same people. The thing is we grew together, we’ve grown to agree on a lot of life choices, how we want to raise or children, where we want to raise them, how we see the world is so similar and it’s not at all they way either of us thought when we first met.

Anyway, let’s talk about how we met and while reading this remember we were so young and we have grown. HA!
It all started in Germany, yep the country. I was an Army brat in high school (17) and my dad was stationed there. Ethan my husband was a fresh out of basic training new soldier (19) at his first duty station.
He picked me up at a dance club, yep a dance club aka a bar with dancing involved. We were young thought it was cool to going out in Europe do things you can’t do in the US till you were 21 and we did because we could.

After exchanging numbers, we went out on some dates, made out in some castles (who can say they’ve done that?!) and became official boyfriend, girlfriend. That lasted only about 3 months before he was deployed for the first time to the Middle East. I was young and in love and we stayed together while he was gone. My life from that moment turned into years of doing the long distance relationship with my man.
After 6 months he came back to Germany, that story is for a different time, he was done with his time in Germany and was getting moved to Texas. I was a senior in high school so I stayed and he went back to the US and it was another few months of long distance.
I graduated school and needed some where to go to college, Texas it was, and I headed there to be with Ethan.
We were there living together and that first winter he proposed and in the fall of 2005 we got hitched.
The rest is history, or just for another blog post! 😉

Yay for Fall here’s to the 2nd trimester!

Looking forward to the cooler weather if it ever comes!

Now that I’m in the thick of my 2nd trimester with an ever growing belly I’ve found that one hard thing is looking cute but also being comfortable.


I’m definitely happy that I’m not pregnant in the middle of this southern summer! It’s way too hot and I am not a fan of shorts and tank tops or summer dresses, that’s just not really my style especially when I’m feeling bigger than normal. My style is all about layering and that’s why I love fall and winter fashion.


The belly is always fun to show off but layering is your best friend when you want to be cute but hide those growing hips and thighs.
Bring on the cardigans, blanket scarfs and plaid.


Update on 2nd trimester: I’m feeling great these days! It’s been a fairly easy pregnancy though the first trimester was bumpy with the morning sickness and being tired all the time. As soon as I made it to 12 weeks my energy came back and I had no more morning sickness. I’m able to get healthier now, I’m not obsessed with cokes anymore so I’ve just been drinking lots of water. I don’t have any crazy cravings or food aversions.
I do feel bloated if I eat too much by the end of the day and I’m definitely ready for bed by 9pm. My heartburn has reared it’s ugly head but not too intense so no meds needed. This babe better come out with a full head of dark hair like his daddy!

Last but not least we have a name for baby boy! Maxwell James, it’s pretty much been the name we’ve wanted to name a boy since our first daughter was born and now we finally get to use it! YAY!!

Here we go again.

I got a full three weeks of “normal hours” now it’s back to feeling like I’m doing it on my own. This is what it’s like to be the wife of a drill sergeant.
For those of you that aren’t familiar with the military and how it works a drill sergeant is what they call a special assignment lasting 2 1/2 years for a Soldier of certain qualifications. I’m not going to bore you with all the technical stuff just know that drill sergeants are the men and woman who train new Soldiers in the military during a time called basic training. As I’d like to call them glorified babysitters to sorta grown men and woman. I say sorta because a lot of them come straight out of high school.


Now that you know pretty much what my husband does for the time being let me tell you how much it sucks for me! 🙂 I’ve definitely been through a lot as an Army wife in the almost 11 years married. We’ve been through three deployments to the Middle East, in which one of them I gave birth to our baby girl Emily while he was gone. As well as, too many to count, month long training trips. So we’ve spent a good chunk of our marriage apart. But like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’m not getting any younger and I’m over traveling around and being apart, it’s tough especially as our family grows.
I support my husband, this isn’t just a job to him it’s his calling, it’s a career he enjoys and is proud of, so I’m happy to continue to be by his side while he serves. I still get the right to complain though. :p


While he is a drill sergeant he’s at work ALL the time. They get “breaks” of about two weeks between sixteen weeks of training a group of Soldiers. I use quotes because he still goes to work during these breaks it’s just he come home at dinner and gets the weekends. When they are training he’s at work from 4am to 11pm 7 days a week with no holidays (unless it’s around Christmas, at least we get that day).

Like I said it’s tough, during this time our kids don’t see him at all because they are asleep when he’s home. I get about a good hour ,maybe, if he and I aren’t too tired to just go straight to bed. Even though he’s “home” and not training or deployed somewhere far away it can still get lonely. It’s not a job that I can just pop in and say hi to him during the day because he busy training the whole time.

I plan my days with out him in them. The girls and I go back to plain easy dinners because I’m not about to take the time to make a nice meal and be the only one that eats it while fussing at my kids to just try a bite. Routine keeps my sanity for sure, having the girls in bed by 7:30 gives me that time to relax before the the long day starts all over again.

It’s been a year

Fall is my all time favorite season, the colors, the cooler weather and pumpkin everything. It’s truly is the best! One of my favorite trends this Fall is the wool hat, I love using hats to accessorize my look while covering up my day 5 unwashed hair. This is going to be a different Fall than I’ve been used to being in the South now. I sure hope the weather cools sooner rather than later.


It’s been a year since I moved from Washington state to Georgia and I still miss the Pacific Northwest like crazy. Being an Army brat I’ve spent my entire life moving, up until living in Washington I had never lived anywhere longer than three years. Washington was the longest home at five years. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more comfortable with routine and the familiar, learning that I was going to be moving away from my home of five years was really hard on me.

My kids, well they are all about a new adventure and that definitely helped me with the move. People don’t give kids enough credit as military brats, they are just so resilient! Me on the other hand made this move pretty much kicking and screaming. Moving across the country was not appealing in the slightest, it didn’t help that I knew my husband was starting a job where he was going to be working A LOT, like seven days a week from 4am to 11pm most days, and no holidays off except Christmas.


Well it all happened against my will and we made the move last summer. The hardest things to get used to is all the giant bugs, the crazy humidity and being in a location where it’s hard to do outdoor activities in the summer besides going to the pool because it just so hot all the time. I’ve been lucky and made some pretty awesome friends but sadly, they will be moving soon because ya know, that’s the military life. The hours the husband work are pretty stressful on our family but he has had a few breaks here and there. We are also living closer to both sides of the family so we’ve been able to go see them both in the past year.

I’m still for sure trying to warm up to the area. It’s not my ideal location and a lot of my routine stores aren’t anywhere near here so I’ve had to adapt and have taken online shopping to a whole new level. Hopefully we will only be here for a couple of more years but at the same time who knows where we will be sent next. I’m sure eventually this place will grow on me and it will become my new familiar and when it’s time to go I will once again not want to


Adventure is not something I look forward to as much anymore unless it’s a vacation where I get to come back home. For now I’m happy with just being comfortable where I am with family and friends.

It’s A BOY!

If you follow any of my social media you already know that babe number three is a boy!


My husband could not be more happy about the news. I on the other hand have been worried for years about having a third and being disappointed it was another girl and honestly now it’s bitter sweet. I’m in slight shock that we will now have a boy in the family, and it’s something I’m not use to, all I know is girls.


Now I’m not worried about all those things people say about boys; how they are tough and rough, they pee in your face as newborns and all that jazz. I’m the type that think how long is it ok to smother them with my hugs and kisses and cuddle them tight? How am I going to help raise a boy that will some day be a man that will be expected to support and raise his own family? Yes, I want my daughters to grow up and be successful, strong, independent woman but, call me old fashioned, I also know I want them to have that happily ever after with the man of their dreams that can and will support them as the two of them grow their own family someday.



Things are definitely going to be different now and I’m nervous, but it’s a good nervous. One thing that I do hear so much about boys is just how much they love their mamas and that makes this mamas heart super happy.

Here’s a video of the reveal, as you will see Emily was over the moon about finding out it was a boy. 😉