Summer Packing-Family trip

I’m leaving on a jet plane with the hubby and three kids to visit the in laws later this week. I’m making it a little easier on myself and got the girls their own suitcases to motivate them to roll around their own luggage. I still have to manage to fit my stuff, the hubby’s stuff and baby Max’s stuff all into one suitcase that we will be checking. Max is a great baby but that’s because he is very routine and has his “things” like we put him in his Dockatot in the crib while in his sleep sack and play his mobile every time he naps and goes to bed at night. He also likes his play mat and can lay there for hours content, SO I need to be able to pack those things (probably not the Dockatot). So I’m going to need to pack light for myself.

I recently read a blog post from one of my favorite blogger Cori Lynn of Dress Cori Lynn. Her post is all about what she calls capsule packing. Starting with a basic color scheme and a few pieces that you can put together several outfits from. I thought I’d give that ago and wanted to share with you the pieces I’m going to take with me and the different outfits I made out of them.



Surprise, surprise I decided to go with neutrals, white, blue and gray for my color scheme. I added a pop of color with one of my shoe picks, red tennis shoes. Since I will be on our trip during the fourth of July I thought the pop of red would be perfect! I can easily be patriotic with red, white and blue. I ended up with 4 tops, 3 bottoms, a dress and 4 pairs of shoes. I normally wouldn’t pack a dress BUT the hubs and I are planning a night away from the kids (in over a year, a hospital visit to pop out a baby doesn’t count) and I wanted to be able to get a little more dressed up than usual. The dress I picked, however, can be dressed up or down so it’s PERFECT for capsule packing. I’ll be in Texas in July so I didn’t bother with a cardigan or jacket so to add layers to a look I added a jean vest. The gingham button up can also be layered for different looks.  I prefer to wear pants but there will be days spent mostly outdoors and again its summer so I do have a pair of jean shorts for a bottom. White jeans and a great pair of distressed jeans were my other bottom choices. Besides the gingham button up I’m bringing a couple striped tops, (of course) a tank top with the cutest bow detail on the back and peplum top.  I added a gray bell sleeved tee as well. For shoes like I mentioned the red tennis shoes were chosen because of the holiday. I wanted more comfy sneaker too so my All-Stars were a must. What kinda summer trip doesn’t need a cute pair of flip flops and these sandals are a great neutral.

I also added a baseball cap, sunnies and a smaller cross body handbag to add a little something to the different outfits I put together. The accessories will make the different pieces stretch out to even more looks! After I rounded up all the pieces I was able to come up with more than 12 different looks. I’m only gone for seven days total so for the sake of this post I’m showing nine different looks because I may want to do an outfit change during the day. 😉

This doesn’t include the undergarments I will be adding or the pajamas, but really you put in one good neutral bra several underpants and a comfy shirt and sweats for pajamas.  Although I did buy a cute pair of jammies for the trip. When do you have an excuse to spend money on pajamas? So I made an excuse. 😉



My pesky postpartum hormones

Ever since I made the decision to exclusively pump I also made a decision that after three months I would stop. I over produced the entire time I was pumping and doubling the amount of milk needed for baby. I have a deep freezer full of stored milk. I planned this so that I could continue to feed him my milk after I stopped pumping. Lasting till he was 6 months, which give or take, that’s how far I nursed my girls.

Well the week Max turned four months was when I stopped. I had been getting my body ready I didn’t just go cold turkey. I pumped less and less that third month.

Now it’s kicking in, that mom guilt. The guilt those postpartum hormones give you when you start to ween and they go a little wacko. I know for me it was a great decision to stop pumping. I know I have a back supply of my milk that will at least last till he’s six months old. I also know that I didn’t feel this way when I stopped nursing with the girls. Fun huh? Why is that? I think it’s because as much as I’m happy to be done with engorgement, leaky boobs, lop sided boobs and the sound of a breast pump. This will more then likely be our last baby. I mean a little part of me wants to give Max a playmate since the girls are so much older BUT I also think that’s another side affect of those pesky hormones. 😉



Who knew exclusive pumping was a thing?

When I was preggo with my third babe I knew without a doubt that I would be breastfeeding. I breastfed both of my girls for about six months. I had no problems with milk production and they both latched just fine. Emily was the easiest because she went straight to nursing right from birth! She knew exactly what to do and how to do it! Baby Max was an entirely story.

Right after Max was born he had no desire to eat, much less latch. He had swallowed a lot of fluid while coming out and had a full tummy. At first, the doctors were ok with that. But as time went on he still had no desire to latch, instead he would just rather sleep.

After 24 hours of a baby content without eating, a midwife came in to “help” him latch and noticed what I already knew: he could latch IF he wanted to, but he, in her words, “Didn’t want to work for it” He would rather have slept all day than put in the effort it took for him to eat from the breast. Crazy right? So in order for us to leave the hospital we had to get food in his tummy and get his weight up. To do that I started pumping and syringe feeding him as much as I could. I figured I would work on getting him to eat from the breast once I got home to my comfort zone.

Before we left the hospital my insurance provided me with a great pump and all the accessories to go with it. When we got home I put it into action and started pumping to get my milk in so I would be able to fill the syringes. I began putting the milk in bottles and Max was just eating away. I was also getting help feeding him because the hubs had some time off from work, so it wasn’t the usual one woman job.

I started doing my research and found that pumping exclusively is something that I had honestly never really heard of before. It’s not for everyone and everyone that does it, does it for different reasons. My reason was that it just seemed easier! Yes, it is one more “chore” I have to do during the day, and sometimes night, but then once I’ve got the milk pumped I can just give the bottle to anyone that wants to help feed babe, or just toss it in my bag and bring out the bottle anywhere and anytime he needs to eat. No matter how normal it is, I have never been comfortable nursing in public, it always made me feel awkward. Now with two older kids in school and after school activities, we leave the house a lot more only making it more difficult to find the right time and place to breast feed.

Like I mentioned, Max likes his sleep, but for me, that first month was sleepless. While Max and the rest of the family were fast asleep, I was getting up all through the night and pumping to avoid engorgement. Doing that and pumping during the day created a huge reserve of milk. The hubs had to buy me a deep freezer because I produced so much!

Now that I do have such a big supply in the freezer I’m debating on letting myself start to dry up. He now has plenty to last until he is at least six months old, or maybe I’ll donate it, who knows. I do know that I’m happy with the decision I made because it allowed me to not worry about, or be stressed out, trying to get my newborn to nurse in the beginning, and even worse, possibly giving up and not being able to provide mom’s milk to my little dude.


My Mother’s Day gift ideas.

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend I’ve seen a lot of style bloggers post “Mother’s Day gift ideas” …. though I consider myself somewhat in the category of style blogger… Who are these ideas for? Do they make these posts for their own husbands? Maybe they think they are ideas for MY mom? Or I know, they want me to “share” it on my Facebook feed in hopes my hubby will stumble upon it and take a gander… Ya HIGHLY unlikely. Ok so the ideas are for MY mom, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure my mom, also known as grandma, isn’t wanting a designer blouse, fragrance or makeup from me. She just wants to be remembered and told “I love you” and “thanks for being my mom”.

Now I’m not at all trying to bash these ladies. They truly are great reads with awesome products!  I do enjoy reading the posts for ideas of things to get myself. ;p

I’m just here to say though all those ideas are great it’s not inspiring my husband or my kids to get me any of those things. I’ll just be getting whatever craft or art project made out of macaroni that my kids made at school and if I’m lucky my husband will have the day off.

However, Mother’s Day is not a day that I expect gifts to unwrap, that’s for Birthday’s and maybe even Christmas if we have enough money after splurging on the kids.

For Mother’s Day, all I want are those super corny crafts my kids made, and maybe a couple hours by myself to sleep, get a much needed pedicure or go shopping solo. Then the rest of the day is just to spend with the people that made me a mom. Now in saying that, I just want to spend the day cuddling and loving on them and I want someone else to cook, clean, help find toys, pour the apple juice, change the dirty diaper and dare I say it…. make the decisions, YES! Let someone else for once decided how to spend the day or where to eat if that was the decision made. I mean come on we all see the memes out there making fun of us women because we can’t make a decision. So just do it for me, ok? 😉

Now I DID make this blog post for my hubby to read and take from because like all the couples handbooks say don’t make your man guess what you want or how your feeling, he’s a man and won’t figure it out, so just tell him, you will both benefit in the end.

Love you sweetie! 🙂

And Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there!