My 4 Month Postpartum Body

Before getting pregnant with baby number three I would say I was in the best shape of my life. Eating healthy and working out daily.

When I first started getting fit about three years ago I started with running, and though I love the accomplishment I felt after running five, six, and then my longest eight miles, I was not getting the physical results I wanted. I naturally have a thin frame and I am short with a super short torso. No athletic build at all. Though I was thin I still felt blah, so I started weight training and wow what a difference. I started getting muscle, and super toned, and a flat tummy which again, though I have always been thin I have always had a little pouch.

Then, when I got pregnant I was motivated by all these fit, healthy, pregnant mamas, and thought I am going to do that too! Well my cravings took over I started wanting fast food, soda (which I had not drank in years!) and anything with sugar. I did continue to workout but not on the daily, and way less intense with no weights.

I stayed on track and only gained 30 lbs which is normal, and considering my diet, lucky.

Right after baby three was born, while still in the hospital I started wearing a belly bandit. It was great on my lower back and I am sure helped to push everything back in. Then I was dealing with sleep deprivation and horrible engorgement I was definitely not motivated to change my eating habits, or do any low impact workouts for the first few weeks. Which hey ladies, last time I checked you should not workout till six weeks postpartum, even though I do see a lot of fit women starting right outta the hospital it seems like, which also made me feel a little pressured.

At six weeks is when I started run/walking after dropping off the girls at school. When I wasn’t doing that I would come home and do a workout.

I started my weight training with Beachbody‘s Body Beast the summer of 2015 and since then, I have been doing several different Beachbody workouts. That is what I enjoy. I am not big into going to the gym, and I like the convenience of being able to just do a random workouts at home whenever I am able too.

So ya, I am not yet where I want to be. I have not gotten my eating habits totally back on track yet, and I just this week stopped exclusively pumping. I have started the Hammer and Chisel Beachbody workout, which I’ve done before and enjoyed.

I am my own motivation, I can be a 31, almost 32 year old mom of three and still be fit, healthy, and be my version of looking good in a bikini.


 *thoughts are my own, not sponsered by Beachbody, however I am a coach*