Being a mom to three

What did I get myself into?!? I’ve been asking myself that a bunch lately now that it’s getting so close to babe number three’s arrival.

At the beginning it was like, this is going to be great I’m glad my girls will be in school full time, I’ll get so much one on one time with baby boy. Now, oh now it’s hitting me, when I have sleepless nights with baby I still have to get up and get the girls ready and to school on time while making baby happy with feedings. 😬 Though the girls are a bit older and can do a lot on their own they do come with their own hardships. Like Emily and her amazing fashion sense that I will no longer have the time or energy to fight her on when she’s dressed in layers looking ready for a ball in the artic on an 80 degree day.

Also did I mention my husband is doing a job right now that requires him to be at work 7 days a week from 4am till usually way pass bedtime for the kids and me.

Those days of him getting up and keeping me company while I nurse every couple hours at night sailed away 7 years ago with our first girl.

He wasn’t there for the newborn stage of our second, Emily but it was still different because big sis was only 2 and still took naps and if there were rough nights we just stayed in jammies all day and rested. That will not be an option most days this time around.

Let’s not forget to mention how to adjust to caring for a newborn again! It’s been years!!! My husband is a very confident telling me it’s like riding a bike but me I feel like a new mom.

Did you ever have moments of “how am I going to pull this off?!?” Before adding another babe to the family?

Why aren’t my kids scared of me?

You know the saying “I’ll put the fear of God in you”? It was something said to you as a child when you were being punished?

Lately I’ve seen a lot of memes joking about how when we were kids you never saw kids acting up in public because the fear of God was in us and we didn’t dare piss mom off but they say parents don’t do that anymore we just let our kids act out…



Well I’m here to tell you I strive everyday to be the mom our moms were. Because yes, the things my kids do I’m always thinking to myself man “if I did that I’d get smacked or I knew not to act a certain way because my mom would have my butt”. Yes I look back and remember getting punished and yes sometime I remember it being a bit much or I was just miss understood and really should not have been in trouble BUT it didn’t ruin me. I’m not regretful or disappointed in my childhood I still loved my mom and she was who I wanted to love and cuddle with and I feel like I turned out ok and am a functioning adult contributing to society.


So when my children are acting out in public, asking for the same thing over and over annoying the crap out of me or talking back I’m like WTF?!? Why do they keep doing that? Why are they not scared mom is going to punish them?!? I want that fear of God in my children.
Do you feel that way? Do you fear that you aren’t hard enough on your little ones? I do. Maybe I’m alone in this but I want my girls to not expect so much and do things on their own. I want them to love me but also respect me. If that means they know better then to talk back, ask for things or throw fits in fear they will be punished then I’m totally ok with that.

The Middle Child

The middle child!

My little Emily D is super excited to be getting a baby brother, she tells any one who will listen all about it. Everyday I get asked if he’s coming out yet and that she’s going to give him a bunch of kisses.

I don’t know if it’s the age gap or personality or maybe a bit of both but when I was pregnant with Emily my oldest Adalynn was barely two when she was born and she never acknowledged I was pregnant. Once Emily was born it was just like meh, mom has a baby now. So to be getting this type of excitement this time around makes me that much more excited.


Little does Emily know this will put her in the middle child category. I don’t know if and how it will change her, she has been the baby for four years! Right now the only thing I predict is though these days she likes doing things on her own and likes to refer to herself as a big girl even though she still expects help with things like eating and she is quick to act helpless when it suits her, so that part may get worse when she’s feeling left out because of the baby.

I was told by a fellow mom that switching from one to two kids was actually harder than two to three because the first two start helping each other out more and playing well because they realize that all they’ve got is each other when mom is busy with baby. I’m fingers crossed that’s how it works out for me.

As a family we can’t be more thrilled to be adding a boy to the mix! With that, I’m not going to be intimidated by all those boy moms out there telling me dressing a boy isn’t as fun as a girl because girls just have cuter stuff! I believe that is entirely not true and I’m kinda over the hot pink tutus!


One thing I’m loving on lil ones are the Freshly Picked moccasins! They are super cute and I heard from friends they are made to last! I’ve received a pair for baby boy that are oh so cute and can’t wait to put on his little baby feet and I also got a super cute pair for Emily so she can rock out and match little bro. She’s been wearing them non stop since I received them and on a four year old they really are durable!

I’m super in love with these moccasins that I’m doing a giveaway on any pair of your choosing over on my Instagram! Also Freshly Picked is having a Black Tuesday sale on November 22 starting 10am MST that lasts 24 hrs and offers 25% off the entire site! This sale only comes around twice a year!!


Emily’s Here & Baby Boy’s Here

Can I get a HOORAH for back to school!

Let me start this post on a super positive note; I love being a mama and I love my girls with all my heart! They are my world!


Ok, so now that that’s over Let me be the first to tell you, I am one excited mama! School is back in session and both girls are in full time. It’s glorious! I’ve already said all the sappy stuff in the beginning so I’m not going to sugar coat it now. It’s going to be so nice to have the day to me! Yes, I’m a SAHM so you’re probably thinking “now what are you going to do with your time? Eat bonbons and watch
inappropriate TV all day?!?”


Honestly some days I just might, but for real I’ve made blogging my career and when summer break rolled around it was really hard for me to get any work done at home and that’s what bloggers do, work from home! Not to mention I really enjoy running and working out at home, but both are extremely hard to do. For starters, running when neither kid fits in a stroller anymore and they decide to ride their bikes for 5 minutes max before complaining they were hot and tired, or my 30 minute workout DVD turns into 60 minutes after pausing to yell at the girls multiple times to get along or telling them just a minute after they ask me for everything under the sun.

With all this time I’ll be able to get things done during the day like errands, house chores, blogging, working out and so on. I can now do it all while the girls are in school and not feel bad for not giving them attention and know they can get my full attention once they step off that bus from school.


Now I may eat my words after day in and day out of not having my girls around as often, but right now I’m so happy!! 🙂