My pesky postpartum hormones

Ever since I made the decision to exclusively pump I also made a decision that after three months I would stop. I over produced the entire time I was pumping and doubling the amount of milk needed for baby. I have a deep freezer full of stored milk. I planned this so that I could continue to feed him my milk after I stopped pumping. Lasting till he was 6 months, which give or take, that’s how far I nursed my girls.

Well the week Max turned four months was when I stopped. I had been getting my body ready I didn’t just go cold turkey. I pumped less and less that third month.

Now it’s kicking in, that mom guilt. The guilt those postpartum hormones give you when you start to ween and they go a little wacko. I know for me it was a great decision to stop pumping. I know I have a back supply of my milk that will at least last till he’s six months old. I also know that I didn’t feel this way when I stopped nursing with the girls. Fun huh? Why is that? I think it’s because as much as I’m happy to be done with engorgement, leaky boobs, lop sided boobs and the sound of a breast pump. This will more then likely be our last baby. I mean a little part of me wants to give Max a playmate since the girls are so much older BUT I also think that’s another side affect of those pesky hormones. šŸ˜‰



On the Go Baby EssentialsĀ 

Hey there! Today I’ve narrowed it down to my top on the go baby essentials.

First things first, a great diaper bag! Though the traditional diaper bag has practicality they aren’t always the most stylish and they always scream diaper bag as you tote them around. I recently received the Grant Bag from R. Riveter. Even though it isn’t officially a diaper bag that’s what I’m using it for and I love it! It’s big enough for everything you need and then some with pockets on the inside that are perfect for the mom stuff like my chapstick and lipstick that get thrown in there, hand lotion, wallet, small kid toys etc etc… The convenient pockets on the outside are where I slip my phone and keys. Since it’s not a diaper bag it doesn’t look like one so when I can get to the grocery store by myself it doesn’t look like I’m caring a diaper bag with no baby, instead it’s a stylish tote!

Now for some of the products I put inside my Grant Bag.

Diapers and wipes are no duh definiteĀ must. An extra outfit is great to have on hand in case of a major blow out!

Max is a binkie baby so we bring it everywhere. Right now I’m digging the Wubbanub they weigh down the binkies a little bit so it’s harder for them to just pop out of his mouth and also they are big so hard to lose!

When I get ready to leave the house I like to make sure lil’ man is wearing a bandana bib! It makes him one stylish babe and it’s like a burp cloth attached to the baby! Just simply wipe away spit up with it. Super easy pease! These Copper Pearl are my go to!

I’ve been exclusively pumping so I always keep my manual breast pump with an extra empty bottle in my bag in case I’m out longer than expected and I either need to pump so babe can eat or I may have enough milk on hand but my boobs need a relief… you nursing mama’s feel me?!

Well that’s it! Those are my must haves! What are something’s you keep in your diaper bag?

How I get baby to sleep all night.


Please note that I am not an expert in sleep training babies. I do not co-sleep. Also, I may just have been blessed with babes that like to sleep, and last but not least, every night can be a total hit or miss.

Now that all of that has been put out there I wanted to write a blog post about what I have done to get all three of my kids to sleep most of the night early on.

Ever since Adalynn was born I’ve believed in giving babies and kids a good daily routine especially when it comes to bedtime. Once babe is home from the hospital and we are settled in after the family visits, getting that milk supply in and somewhat regular breastfeeding is happening our daily routine starts.

First things first, pick a bedtime. It’s not necessarily when you want babe to be asleep but a time you just want baby to be to bed. No matter when babe woke up from their last nap put them to bed every night at the same time. Now like I said, doing this doesn’t mean they will fall asleep immediately but they learn this is bedtime.

With the girls part of our bedtime routine was a bath. With three kids it’s just gotten tough having that time every evening so Max gets a bath every other night but still, it’s only right before bed and not any other time of the day. It’s an adjustment to our previous routines but it’s still routine.

Once again no matter babe’s last feeding I always try and feed them one last time to get that little tummy nice and full. I do that after bath time and putting baby in jammies. I do the feeding quietly in their nursery even if baby is still sleeping in my room because it’s usually the most quiet peaceful place in the house.

Now this I think is truly the key to teaching babe that it’s bedtime and not just nap time. We only swaddle at night! During the day when baby naps we never swaddle. With the girls I just used the easy Velcro swaddles like these and that’s what I started out using with Max but he grew out of them super fast and we had to put him in a good ole’ fashion swaddle blanket which is good if that’s what you have and like. Max was getting out of them too easy though so I went on a search and found Star Sack. I contacted the owner to give it a try and let me tell you it’s a game changer!! It helps when the basic swaddle gets too small and or baby gets too strong and easily busts out of the traditional swaddle folds.

Another thing we’ve added since Max is a mobile! We use this one, it gives baby entertainment while they slowly drift to sleep. We have a video monitor and watch him lay in his crib for an hour quietly before falling asleep so I truly think the mobile works!

Like I said most nights this has worked for us but there are times babe still gets up. When they do, unless they’ve pooped, I don’t take them out of the swaddle! I just let them eat and immediately but them back in their bed.

Give this a try and good luck! May peaceful nights be in your near future.



Hospital Diaper Bag Essentials

After having two babes already I definitely know what’s worth taking to the hospital for new baby and what can be left at home.

Now if we are going to be totally honest the only thing you really need is a car seat to take your new little bundle home because the hospital does provide everything you need.

On that note I want my baby to be rocking the cute little swaddle blanket and beanie that I spent time picking out then just the generic hospital stuff!

Totally skip diapers if anything stock up on as many as you can take from the hospital if you can because you will be spending plenty of $$$ on them before you know it. Save the ones you’ve collected till you get home.

If you choose and your babe takes a pacifier I recommend bringing the ones you will be using with babe at home.

I’m going to be nursing so I will be sticking the essentials I need in baby’s bag as well. A boppy is the number one thing! It’s really one of the best inventions for nursing. I like to have a nipple shield, if you have problems with latching it can really help and don’t forget the nipple cream. I know, I know, I just had a baby and modesty is usually left at the door but after all the hustle and bustle it’s nice to have a cover if you’d like some privacy while nursing especially if when family and friend come by. There are definitely some more things I use during nursing but your milk won’t really be coming in till you’ve gotten home so no need to over pack with the other stuff.

I’m all packed and ready to go now I’m just no so patiently waiting for babe boy to wanna come out.


Diaper Bag