Styling duck boots

This winter it seems like duck boots are all the rage. It’s one of those classic styles that has been around for a while but comes in and out of style in the fashion world. I was hesitant to buy a pair this year because I live here in Southern Georgia, not to get it confused with the Atlanta and Northern Parts of Georgia that do have some kind of seasons. I live closer to the pan handle of Florida. It’s hot and humid 90 percent of the year. My husband mentioned he saw a pair online, thought I’d like them, and wanted to get them for me….So, how do I say no to that?! They are a great investment because like I mentioned they are a classic and are super versatile.

Now on to a few ways I’ve managed to style these warm and cozy boots!


This first look I came up with I like to call the basic winter white girl look. An oversized fleece top, jeggings, beanie with a poof and an iced coffee. Ok, you don’t NEED the iced coffee to complete the look but it wouldn’t hurt. ;p Here are a few pieces you could use to complete the look.


The next look is a bit more feminine look with lots of layers. I’m calling this one feminine layers, not the most clever name but I’m stickin to it! It’s a great way to rock a cute dress in the cold winter season. Just add thick tights,  a sweater and jacket or vest and voila!


The last look I came up with is what I’d like to call athleisure with duck boots or I’m sitting at home all day rocking the leggings and now I have to slip on some boots really quick to get to the bus stop and pick up my kids. That was a bit of a long one but you get the picture, right? I think this look may actually be my favorite. It is just leggings and a t-shirt put together with easy slip on boots and a classic jean jacket.



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