Gifts for the Kiddos!

I figured instead of finding a bunch of random age appropriate gifts for the kids, I would just keep it real and show you the gifts that will actually be under the tree for my kiddos.

Let’s start with my oldest kid, my daughter Adalynn, she is 7 going on 8. She is honestly the hardest to shop for because she’s not your typical girl who plays with BarbieĀ and baby dolls. She would prefer to create something or play outside. It seems like she gets some kind of art or craft kit every Birthday and Christmas and so we have so many random crayons, colored pencils, markers, and paints, so I wanted to mix it up. I ended up getting her a science experiment kit and also I found this fun make a movie book on Amazon! She loves her LEGO’s, she just has trouble using her imagination and building new and different things with them, so I thought this would help get her creative juices flowing.

Every year we get all the kids pj’s and a book to open on Christmas Eve. Thanks to a friends recommendation Adalynn loves the Magic Treehouse Series, so I’m just adding to her collection.

Both my girls wanted makeup but I didn’t want to just buy the crappy and over priced kid makeup that is pretty much clear. I don’t let them leave the house wearing it, so I wanted something that would really show up and be fun. Cheap drugstore palettes were the perfect idea!

As far as outdoor play, once again the girl has a bike, a scooter, skateboard and roller skates already! I saw the Plasma car and thought it would be perfect! I ended up get one for both girls.

One last thing I like to get the girls is a cute outfit.

Next up is little Emily, she is 5 going on 5 HA! She IS the girly girl, give her all the stuffed animals and Barbie’s! One thing she is complete obsessed with is the TY stuffed animals, she seems to be collecting all of them. The one thing she wanted from Santa is the fox Piper. She loves to sing and dance, so a microphone for karaoke just seems perfect! Give her all things unicorn and dresses. She is in Kindergarten, they are learning sight words and letter sounds getting her a set of phonics books this year seems like a great idea.

Now last but certainly not least, little Maxwell James, my 10 month old baby boy! Babies really don’t need much, after all, dude isn’t even going to know any better. The gift giving to a baby is more for me as the mom not wanting to leave him out. I’m going to admit now that most of his gifts are for kids a bit older than him. He will probably just chew on it all so I just make sure there isn’t any small or easily removable parts and we are good to go. He will enjoy watching his big sister play with “his toys” for now. The trike is probably the best age appropriate gift for him and will be great to use when outside with the girls.

There you have it! Hopefully it helped give you an idea or two of what to get your little ones for Christmas this year!