Gift Guide for your Main Man

Are you still shopping? Have you even started?! Do you need some ideas on what to get the guy in your life? Well if you are I’m here to help. I had help from my man at creating this list. Guys are pretty tough to shop for, it’s mostly our fault as women though, or maybe just mine.

Instead of just asking him, HEY, what do you want? I like to try to guess, because I have it in my head (maybe you can relate) that it won’t be as fun or as good if I just get him what he’s asked for. Then there is no surprise! You want your man to think you are an amazing telepathic wife getting them exactly what they wanted or needed without them even telling you. If you are like me look no further I have some pretty epic gifts to choose from.

My husband isn’t someone who shops for clothes a lot so this is a good opportunity to get him a few new items like the basics, socks, underwear, jeans, a few tops and a new pair of shoes. All to last him till next Christmas. ;p

Another great idea is a good wallet. Men need them but never think to get themselves a new one. I’m a fan of Fossil wallets, they are classic and you can personalize them with embossing.

Every man needs a good watch but they are not all created equal.

Last but not least, a few toys for that man of yours.