It’s sweater season- My top sweater picks

I’m all about a cozy sweater on a cozy day! I’ve been meaning to create this post a while ago but my procrastination can possibly be your gain because I see some of my picks are now on sale. It was hard for me to get in the sweater post spirit because I live in a region where it keeps going back into the 80’s, so my sweaters have been just hanging in the closet waiting to be worn.

Classic Sweaters

I’m going to start with the classic sweater, the one that you can continue to wear year after year because they never go out of style. The basic crew neck is one of my favorites and having it in a few neutral colors keeps wearable through the years.

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I’m am obsessed with cardigans all year round! I’m what you call a Mr. Rodgers, when I come home I slip on a cardigan, no matter the weather outside. The year there are so many types of cardigans to choose from, dusters, open front, boyfriend style and just the classic.

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Trendy Sweaters

There are a ton of sweater trends out there this year and I love them all! My favorite has to be the chenille, the fabric is so soft, the only down side you kids think so too and they rub all over you. Leopard print is a big one that I suppose to be put in the classic catigory as well. There is also the ruffle trend, bubble sleeve, bell sleeve and cold-shoulder.

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