My fall picks by brand-Target

When it comes to Target I want to buy all the things, to include their clothes. They recently started carrying a few new fashion brands and they are too good. When I went online to research all Target has to offer, for this fall, there was so much. It took a lot for me to not just buy it all, BUT though Target is one of the less expensive choice, it will add up when you buy all the things. After all when was the last time you spent less than $100 there? Bet you can’t remember. I only remember because it was when the husband was with me. ;P

I’m not sure if olive jeans are really the latest fall fashion trend, but I do know everyone on social media is sporting a pair. It’s a great way to step away from basic blue jeans without going to crazy. One big trend is the cold shoulder or cut out tops. This sweater is super lightweight, so I can easily rock it here in the South, where it hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s suppose to be cold this
time of year. These Oxford style slip on loafers are on my feet daily. Super easy to wear and goes with everything.


This next look is a little out of my element with the style jeans but I’m diggin’ it. These jeans check off several trends, raw hem, flared, cropped, and high-waisted. This is definitely a bit over the top trendy for me, so getting the jeans at Target make them an inexpensive way to rock the style. The rusty-red color is my all time favorite fall color and so I bought this color in the short and long sleeve shirt. These are my favorite booties I’ve bought this season.


This is probably my favorite by brand post because it is totally budget friendly. Also it helps that Target is a one stop shop, so you don’t have to go to a clothes only department store with kids in tow. Instead you can grab them a popcorn, plop them in a cart and look at clothes after getting those everyday essentials. Here are a few more picks.