How to be Trendy for less

I definitely like to incorporate some of the seasons latest trends into my wardrobe. Just cause I’m a mama doesn’t mean I don’t want to rock the latest fruit print tees or bell sleeve tops but let’s be honest after the season is over it’s just going to hang in your closet for years collecting dust because you can’t bring yourself to part with since I t was kinda expensive and it might some day come back in style.

Well I think I found a great place to get the latest trend but WAY cheap! I know you get what you pay for so the quality is hit in miss and some times the sizing can be trick but hey, you can’t beat a $40 dupe tee for $5! I’m taking about the website SheIn. Just to make it clear I’m not affiliated with them (though if they reached out I would be cool with it 😉 )

For example, I’ve been eyeing this watermelon tee ever since I saw a fellow blogger rock it a few weeks ago but it was from Urban Outfitter for $40! It’s cute but it ain’t that cute… ok maybe it is that cute but work with me here. So I hoped over to SheIn typed in watermelon shirt and bam!! Dupe! The shirt itself is awesome too! Super soft and not shear. I’m not saying every find is a gold star but this one was, for sure!

Now when the fruit trend fades and I’m not in the mood to sport a giant watermelon collar I can feel ok about taking it to the Goodwill or even sell it for a couple a bucks at a garage sale, instead of holding on to it with the hopes of it coming back in style, I’m young enough to pull it off, or fit it because I spent $40 on a tshirt!

With the site SheIn I do recommend going to it with the intent to finds something specific because it’s a black hole of cheap colors that can add up quick if you’re not careful… I may know this from experience 🙈 Also like I mentioned sizing is tricky. If I’m unsure I size up and that’s worked best for me. Nothing worse than thinking you are a size small then getting it in the mail trying it on and looking like a popped open can of biscuits. I’ve heard returning can be a bit of a hassle so chose wisely and honestly with the price tag I’ve had no problem just selling it to consignment shops then dealing with the return process.

So yes there are cons but I still think it’s a great way to purchase the latest trend.