My dry skin care routine.

Besides fashion I love beauty. I love to try out the latest and great beauty products. Always on the hunt of the perfect products for me! Some would say a product junky, I call it what it is, a hoarder of all things beauty.

Now with that I’m going to let you in on some of my current favorite skin care products. If you’ve seen my instastories I definitely don’t wake up with the most beautiful skin, so I need a little help. :p

One thing I do every night is wash my face and get all the makeup off. I’ve heard there are women out there that don’t do this or forget to, and I don’t know how they do it. I’ve had dry skin for as long as I can remember. When I think of leave on my makeup, I think of how itch, tight and uncomfortable my skin will be in the morning if, I don’t clean off all the makeup. Now, to get all that makeup and dirty off I start by using the Neutrogena makeup removing oil! This stuff is great for breaking down my mascara and eye makeup.

Once I’m done swirling around the oil my face looks ridiculous with swirls of black all around my eyes and over my cheeks. So I then rinse off my face, trying not to get water all over the place because those women in the commercials just splashing their faces and only their faces is NOT real. Water gets everywhere, am I right?

After that I like to use the L’Oréal Paris youth code foaming gel. I’ve used this stuff for years and can now only find it on Amazon but I’ve got prime so it’s all good. 🙂 Once I’ve rubbed this soap all over my face I use a washcloth to remove the soap and any left over makeup.

There fresh clean face….that is tightening by the second waiting for moisture. Yes, my skin is that dry, ugh. So I immediately apply this new moisturizer I received from the Maskcara beauty line called Milk. It’s super thick and creamy and if you are a dry skin lady like myself you appreciate that about a moisturizer. Now I will admit the smell of this moisturizer is a bit unpleasant BUT it doesn’t linger AND being 16% natural milk components it’s understandable and honestly, it’s nice to know they aren’t sticking in some fragrance just to make it smell good, that will only dry out your face. The moisturizer is totally worth the smell, it’s great! I received mine from Meagan an awesome distributor of the Maskcara beauty line here’s her link!

Now that’s it I’m ready for bed! Super simple right?

In the A.M. before I put on my face AKA makeup I like to splash my face with water, again trying only to get water on my face. No soap. Then apply a moisturizer for the day, I use the Clinique moisture surge intense because it’s not as thick and easier to apply under makeup.

There you have it my skin care routine, oh wait I do also like using a good face mask weekly but don’t have a favorite currently. Do you have any suggestions of one I should try out? Let me know!