My Girls

I’ve written and post before about raising girls. That’s not what this post is about this, this is all about my girls.

Adalynn is my first born, I don’t know if it’s a first born thing being raised for the first part of her life being just around adults, adults being mom and dad, but the girl has a very mature personality. Not that she acts older, she can whine, tattle and be silly with the rest of the seven year olds but she speaks in a mature manner. I didn’t notice at first only really being told by other moms that she does, now as her younger sister is getting older I can see now that yes, Adalynn does indeed talk and a lot of times carries herself in a mature manner. Being the oldest and getting more self sufficient she’s the one helping out little sister when I need her to and also getting things done around the house to help me out.  She really has been a great first kid.

Emily is well Emily, her life is a musical she sings all day about anything and everything. She’s my cuddle bug, she loves to give out kisses and looks up to her big sister. She’s the most like me as a kid very talkative at home but a total introvert in public. She can sit in her room by herself for hours just playing barbies or with babies. Very over dramatic with all her emotions which worries me for the teen years.

The toughest thing I face right now with the two of them is the daily argument of both of them wanting what the other has or doesn’t have to do. When Adalynn turned seven we decided to get her the iPod that she had been asking for. Right then and there we also decided since she is old enough for a device that does everything a phone does beside making an actual phone call that she is old enough to have more responsibilities around the house so she’s started daily chores. Now with that she complained that her four year old sister doesn’t have these chores.  Little sister continues to complain that she does (and will not get) an iPod.

The best thing, the sister bound! I didn’t have a sister growing up and I’m excited for them to have each other. One thing I say to them often is how they will have each other for life no matter what.