On the Go Baby Essentials 

Hey there! Today I’ve narrowed it down to my top on the go baby essentials.

First things first, a great diaper bag! Though the traditional diaper bag has practicality they aren’t always the most stylish and they always scream diaper bag as you tote them around. I recently received the Grant Bag from R. Riveter. Even though it isn’t officially a diaper bag that’s what I’m using it for and I love it! It’s big enough for everything you need and then some with pockets on the inside that are perfect for the mom stuff like my chapstick and lipstick that get thrown in there, hand lotion, wallet, small kid toys etc etc… The convenient pockets on the outside are where I slip my phone and keys. Since it’s not a diaper bag it doesn’t look like one so when I can get to the grocery store by myself it doesn’t look like I’m caring a diaper bag with no baby, instead it’s a stylish tote!

Now for some of the products I put inside my Grant Bag.

Diapers and wipes are no duh definite must. An extra outfit is great to have on hand in case of a major blow out!

Max is a binkie baby so we bring it everywhere. Right now I’m digging the Wubbanub they weigh down the binkies a little bit so it’s harder for them to just pop out of his mouth and also they are big so hard to lose!

When I get ready to leave the house I like to make sure lil’ man is wearing a bandana bib! It makes him one stylish babe and it’s like a burp cloth attached to the baby! Just simply wipe away spit up with it. Super easy pease! These Copper Pearl are my go to!

I’ve been exclusively pumping so I always keep my manual breast pump with an extra empty bottle in my bag in case I’m out longer than expected and I either need to pump so babe can eat or I may have enough milk on hand but my boobs need a relief… you nursing mama’s feel me?!

Well that’s it! Those are my must haves! What are something’s you keep in your diaper bag?