One of my favorite apps and a postpartum update

This is my favorite app and one week postpartum update! Do you have apps that you check out on the daily?!? Along with the typical IG and Facebook I also have to look at my Jane app every morning.

Jane is an app that has flash sales on things from home decor, trendy clothes and jewelry to cute outfits for your little ones. Every day there are great new deals. One of my favorite things about it is the great way to score awesome deals on some of my favorite small businesses that I follow on social media.

Recently I received these super cute moto jeggings, which are on the app now, that are a great transitioning piece during postpartum. They aren’t maternity jeans but they do have an elastic waist so I don’t have to worry about zipping up those jeans just yet.


I also received a super cute outfit for our newest addition, baby boy Maxwell. It’s fun shopping for a boy after years of pink, purple and massive amounts of tutus.


Speaking of baby Max, it’s officially been two weeks he came into this world and I truly feel our family is now complete.

Since day one he hasn’t been super interested in trying to latch and he loves his sleep. After trying and talking to a midwife about his disinterest in latching I decided it would just be easier for me to exclusively pump. It’s a very different experience for me since I had no problem nursing both my girls. I think he’s just a lazy baby. He’s not tongue-tied or anything like that he just doesn’t want to even try. He would rather just sleep and not eat than try to latch.

To be honest, it’s been kinda of nice. The extra step of pumping every 2-3 hours has been tough but being able to have the hubs feed baby and even run an errand and leave him with grandma has been great. I’ve also been able to store a lot of milk in the freezer too!

It may not be the ideal way to feed my baby but the fact I’m still able to proved my milk and all the benefits that go along with it makes it worth the effort.

I’m still 15 lbs more than pre babe and I’ve got the hips, boobs and tummy to prove it. I’m giving myself much-needed rest right now and I’m still eating more to help my milk supply. I had problems with engorgement and clogged ducts so my boobs have been sore, so getting out to walk or do light exercise has not been something I’ve wanted to do. My milk supply is just now starting to regulate and with the girls in school I’m getting in some afternoon naps so I’m hoping to get started on a light exercise routine next week.

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