Being a mom to three

What did I get myself into?!? I’ve been asking myself that a bunch lately now that it’s getting so close to babe number three’s arrival.

At the beginning it was like, this is going to be great I’m glad my girls will be in school full time, I’ll get so much one on one time with baby boy. Now, oh now it’s hitting me, when I have sleepless nights with baby I still have to get up and get the girls ready and to school on time while making baby happy with feedings. 😬 Though the girls are a bit older and can do a lot on their own they do come with their own hardships. Like Emily and her amazing fashion sense that I will no longer have the time or energy to fight her on when she’s dressed in layers looking ready for a ball in the artic on an 80 degree day.

Also did I mention my husband is doing a job right now that requires him to be at work 7 days a week from 4am till usually way pass bedtime for the kids and me.

Those days of him getting up and keeping me company while I nurse every couple hours at night sailed away 7 years ago with our first girl.

He wasn’t there for the newborn stage of our second, Emily but it was still different because big sis was only 2 and still took naps and if there were rough nights we just stayed in jammies all day and rested. That will not be an option most days this time around.

Let’s not forget to mention how to adjust to caring for a newborn again! It’s been years!!! My husband is a very confident telling me it’s like riding a bike but me I feel like a new mom.

Did you ever have moments of “how am I going to pull this off?!?” Before adding another babe to the family?

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