Pregnancy Update & Registry

I’m 32 weeks along and this pregnancy has had its moments of never ending and the next day feeling like it’s flying by. Honestly it’s been pretty smooth sailing except lately I’ve had horrible sciatic nerve pain and it’s been frustrating feeling like an old lady every time I need to get up. Emotionally I’m so ready to have this baby boy! Like I’ve mentioned before this will be quite an age gap from my girls and with that, baby essentials and products have changed so much! I had to start fresh with all new baby gear. I was able to figure out everything with a baby registry on Gugu Guru.
Gugu Guru is an online registry that is totally custom to you! I just took a quick questionnaire about my style as a person and a mama and BAM! I got a list of all the latest and greatest items that would be perfect for me and my baby without any of the guess work.
A few things on my Gugu Guru registry :

Dockatot– It’s a great multi-functional place to lay your baby down anywhere! You can use it as a changing pad, a place for babe to get tummy time or just a place to sleep. It was created in Sweden for tots 0-36 months. If you plan on co-sleeping this would be perfect! No fear of rolling on to your little one!

Finn + Emma–  This is a great place to find unique organic items with modern, stylish prints and colors for your new little bundle of joy. Finn + Emma products are soft, hand-sewn in the good ole’ U.S of A. Choose from swaddle blankets and cozy onesies to great teething toys and rattles.

Boobie Bar– These are herbal supplements packed with nutritious and delicious ingredients to help boost breastmilk supply. A great way to get the daily dose of milk-boosting vitamins and herbs in a single bar. Get 20% off with code delightfullyimpatient20

Binxy Baby– It’s a hammock for the shopping cart. If babe allows, I plan on mostly carrying him around instead of using the infant car seat when in stores and this is the perfect way to let babe stretch out and lay down if you want to change things up while shopping.

Bitta Kidda BittaSack- A sleeping sack that has a lovie attached for comfort and self-soothing. It is very safe and provides a way to have a lovie in the crib within reach. Get 25% off with code delightfullyimpatient25


Just head to Gugu Guru to create your personal baby registry today or just check out my full registry  here