Why aren’t my kids scared of me?

You know the saying “I’ll put the fear of God in you”? It was something said to you as a child when you were being punished?

Lately I’ve seen a lot of memes joking about how when we were kids you never saw kids acting up in public because the fear of God was in us and we didn’t dare piss mom off but they say parents don’t do that anymore we just let our kids act out…



Well I’m here to tell you I strive everyday to be the mom our moms were. Because yes, the things my kids do I’m always thinking to myself man “if I did that I’d get smacked or I knew not to act a certain way because my mom would have my butt”. Yes I look back and remember getting punished and yes sometime I remember it being a bit much or I was just miss understood and really should not have been in trouble BUT it didn’t ruin me. I’m not regretful or disappointed in my childhood I still loved my mom and she was who I wanted to love and cuddle with and I feel like I turned out ok and am a functioning adult contributing to society.


So when my children are acting out in public, asking for the same thing over and over annoying the crap out of me or talking back I’m like WTF?!? Why do they keep doing that? Why are they not scared mom is going to punish them?!? I want that fear of God in my children.
Do you feel that way? Do you fear that you aren’t hard enough on your little ones? I do. Maybe I’m alone in this but I want my girls to not expect so much and do things on their own. I want them to love me but also respect me. If that means they know better then to talk back, ask for things or throw fits in fear they will be punished then I’m totally ok with that.