Pregnancy and Fashion

I mentioned I was going to do maternity wear posts and then I fell off the map with that one!
Sorry ladies,
As a blogger I follow a lot of other bloggers and honestly find myself intimidated by their awesome mom style and being able to style the bump so well.
Pregnancy is not my forte, I’m pretty self-conscious during the nine months of growing a human.
It’s hard to explain, maybe other ladies like myself will understand the whole imagine issue but I’ll try my best to explain. I often see the latest season trend on a woman of my size pre-pregnancy and for some reason, unbeknownst to me, I go off and try to wear that same look and then realize that ya umm… it’s not looking the same with big boobs and a growing belly. It just doesn’t fit right and of course I get down on myself.
Those body image issues are not a joke and definitely make you NOT feel like yourself during pregnancy.
I still want to give you some of my go to clothes and maternity wear I’ve found so far and what’s made me feel good during this pregnancy before it’s too late!

Now that it’s somewhat chilly here I’ve been able to sport this comfy pullover from a super cute maternity brand called Kimi & Kai. Totally my style and so versatile. I can dress it up with some cute booties and jeans or wear it super casual with my maternity leggings and sneakers!

Kimi & Kai also have some super cute dresses that I’ve been eying that are perfect for the up coming holidays! Be sure and check them out! Use discount code delightful20 for 20% off your purchase!!