Let’s be Thankful

Let’s be thankful…
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m very much a glass half empty kinda gal these days and it’s definitely not something I’m proud of….
So naturally when this time of year comes along I’m not the first one to jump on the thankful bandwagon.
I really wish I was some one who could shout what I’m thankful for from the roof tops and really truly mean it.
I want to really change that because when I sit back take a breath I really DO have a lot to be thankful for….

Two healthy and for the most part happy little girls. Though I struggle daily on liking them, them fighting with each each other and all the talking back to me. The sass oh the sass, the feeling of them never ever listening to anything I say. Always questioning my parenting … good grief (said Charlie Brown) 😩
Despite that, they are a miracle from God and I love them with everything I have.

My husband and his career I’m going to count together. He really is a great man to me, for me and also the best dad. I’m thankful for his stable career in the military with the benefits of a guaranteed paycheck (for the most part) and healthcare for our family. Now this is why I put my man and his career together, if we do fight it usually starts with me being resentful of his job. It’s been a very demanding job no matter the position he has had. I love him for being so passionate about his career and that he wants to climb the ladder and be successful but with that comes lots of time away from me and our kids. So though he is doing his best with what he has I’m still stubborn and want him here for my every beck and call but also want him to have the career, you know have my cake and eat it too. 😉Is that too much to ask?
Being pregnant, I’m so very thankful for being pregnant with our third baby!! It’s such an exciting and happy thing to know I’m going to get to hold another baby of mine in my arms. Did you know I’ve had 4 miscarriages?! The last one was the beginning of this year and it was very very hard on me emotionally because I was so ready for this third baby chapter in my life. On the other hand right now my body is not my own. I’m so tired as I type this I’m experiencing heartburn for the 3rd time today. I feel so big, and I run out of breath just doing everyday things. Let’s not get started on how I manage to get off the couch or all the bodily functions I can’t control these days. 🙈

Money in the bank (🎶shorty whatcha think🎶)! Call me what you’d like but I’m just your average middle class American that wishes I had more money…like always. But guess what? I’m thankful for the money we do have, we aren’t rubbing pennies together to pay our bills nor have to pick which ones to pay, and we have enough for food, gas and a place to live and ya know what? That’s not bad.


I can go on and on but that was definitely a good start.
Just know that though I’m a glass half empty most days. I am truly thankful for my life.

One thought on “Let’s be Thankful

  1. Thank you for sharing this!! I can understand the temptation to be frustrated with things and feel less thankful than I want to be! But it always helps to take a breath & just start naming my blessings like you just did. Perspective is everything!!

    And so happy for you! I’ve never experienced a miscarriage but I’ve seen how hard (that seems like too nice of a word to describe it!) it is on both spouses! xx

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