Blanket Scarfs a Fall time favorite

Beside my love for a great wool hat my close second Fall accessory has to be the beloved blanket scarf! It’s so versatile since you can wear it many different ways. It makes a simple tee and jeans look put together and last but no least they are plaid, you can’t go wrong with plaid in the Fall. This super cute and adorable one is from




Ways to wear it-

Basic scarf- fold into a triangle, hold it out in front of you place against your front triangle down, with side points wrap around neck till draped over shoulders and then fluff it.

Belted- after folding into a triangle drape it over shoulders and have triangle point in back and ends draped over your front then add a belt at your waist to secure scarf.

Poncho- just drape it over shoulder and leave the belt at home.

And one last way to wear it as cover for a nursing mom and baby!