Styling the baby bump

I’ve decided that I’m going to try and help some mama’s out. I’m going to spend the rest of this pregnancy finding and testing some good fashionable maternity wear and hopefully without breaking the bank.


This is my 3rd baby and with that I want comfort so give me elastic waists! There are so many young cute blogger babes out there still wearing regular pants through their entire pregnancy. I say more power to you!! But even these woman say they size up from the pre-baby size and still spend $$$. If I am wearing regular jeans they will be the ones I already own and it will be with a bella band. Who wants to size up in regular jeans anyway?!? I plan on getting my booty back in my post baby jean size. I’ve done it twice before, I’d like to think I can do it again.

I’m pretty sure I’m going off on a tangent here… One reason I started my blog was I was inspired by amazing mama beauty and fashion bloggers. I wanted to show off my mama wearable fashion style. I shop at Target, Old Navy and other more budget friendly stores and/or prices. I wanna look and feel cute, be stylish and comfortable at the same time but I also don’t want to invest $200 maternity jeans because I’m 31 and this is probably going to be the last baby.

Stay tuned as I bring you my reviews on the different styles I find.