How I met my GI Joe.


This year will be 11 years married to my man. Like everyone says marriage is hard and you have to work at it and trust me we have, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. We’ve been together since I was in high school and he was a brand new soldier and we have both grown into different people then when we originally met, it’s going to happen we were both so young it would be crazy to think we would be the same people. The thing is we grew together, we’ve grown to agree on a lot of life choices, how we want to raise or children, where we want to raise them, how we see the world is so similar and it’s not at all they way either of us thought when we first met.

Anyway, let’s talk about how we met and while reading this remember we were so young and we have grown. HA!
It all started in Germany, yep the country. I was an Army brat in high school (17) and my dad was stationed there. Ethan my husband was a fresh out of basic training new soldier (19) at his first duty station.
He picked me up at a dance club, yep a dance club aka a bar with dancing involved. We were young thought it was cool to going out in Europe do things you can’t do in the US till you were 21 and we did because we could.

After exchanging numbers, we went out on some dates, made out in some castles (who can say they’ve done that?!) and became official boyfriend, girlfriend. That lasted only about 3 months before he was deployed for the first time to the Middle East. I was young and in love and we stayed together while he was gone. My life from that moment turned into years of doing the long distance relationship with my man.
After 6 months he came back to Germany, that story is for a different time, he was done with his time in Germany and was getting moved to Texas. I was a senior in high school so I stayed and he went back to the US and it was another few months of long distance.
I graduated school and needed some where to go to college, Texas it was, and I headed there to be with Ethan.
We were there living together and that first winter he proposed and in the fall of 2005 we got hitched.
The rest is history, or just for another blog post! 😉