Yay for Fall here’s to the 2nd trimester!

Looking forward to the cooler weather if it ever comes!

Now that I’m in the thick of my 2nd trimester with an ever growing belly I’ve found that one hard thing is looking cute but also being comfortable.


I’m definitely happy that I’m not pregnant in the middle of this southern summer! It’s way too hot and I am not a fan of shorts and tank tops or summer dresses, that’s just not really my style especially when I’m feeling bigger than normal. My style is all about layering and that’s why I love fall and winter fashion.


The belly is always fun to show off but layering is your best friend when you want to be cute but hide those growing hips and thighs.
Bring on the cardigans, blanket scarfs and plaid.


Update on 2nd trimester: I’m feeling great these days! It’s been a fairly easy pregnancy though the first trimester was bumpy with the morning sickness and being tired all the time. As soon as I made it to 12 weeks my energy came back and I had no more morning sickness. I’m able to get healthier now, I’m not obsessed with cokes anymore so I’ve just been drinking lots of water. I don’t have any crazy cravings or food aversions.
I do feel bloated if I eat too much by the end of the day and I’m definitely ready for bed by 9pm. My heartburn has reared it’s ugly head but not too intense so no meds needed. This babe better come out with a full head of dark hair like his daddy!

Last but not least we have a name for baby boy! Maxwell James, it’s pretty much been the name we’ve wanted to name a boy since our first daughter was born and now we finally get to use it! YAY!!

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