It’s been a year

Fall is my all time favorite season, the colors, the cooler weather and pumpkin everything. It’s truly is the best! One of my favorite trends this Fall is the wool hat, I love using hats to accessorize my look while covering up my day 5 unwashed hair. This is going to be a different Fall than I’ve been used to being in the South now. I sure hope the weather cools sooner rather than later.


It’s been a year since I moved from Washington state to Georgia and I still miss the Pacific Northwest like crazy. Being an Army brat I’ve spent my entire life moving, up until living in Washington I had never lived anywhere longer than three years. Washington was the longest home at five years. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more comfortable with routine and the familiar, learning that I was going to be moving away from my home of five years was really hard on me.

My kids, well they are all about a new adventure and that definitely helped me with the move. People don’t give kids enough credit as military brats, they are just so resilient! Me on the other hand made this move pretty much kicking and screaming. Moving across the country was not appealing in the slightest, it didn’t help that I knew my husband was starting a job where he was going to be working A LOT, like seven days a week from 4am to 11pm most days, and no holidays off except Christmas.


Well it all happened against my will and we made the move last summer. The hardest things to get used to is all the giant bugs, the crazy humidity and being in a location where it’s hard to do outdoor activities in the summer besides going to the pool because it just so hot all the time. I’ve been lucky and made some pretty awesome friends but sadly, they will be moving soon because ya know, that’s the military life. The hours the husband work are pretty stressful on our family but he has had a few breaks here and there. We are also living closer to both sides of the family so we’ve been able to go see them both in the past year.

I’m still for sure trying to warm up to the area. It’s not my ideal location and a lot of my routine stores aren’t anywhere near here so I’ve had to adapt and have taken online shopping to a whole new level. Hopefully we will only be here for a couple of more years but at the same time who knows where we will be sent next. I’m sure eventually this place will grow on me and it will become my new familiar and when it’s time to go I will once again not want to


Adventure is not something I look forward to as much anymore unless it’s a vacation where I get to come back home. For now I’m happy with just being comfortable where I am with family and friends.

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