Can I get a HOORAH for back to school!

Let me start this post on a super positive note; I love being a mama and I love my girls with all my heart! They are my world!


Ok, so now that that’s over Let me be the first to tell you, I am one excited mama! School is back in session and both girls are in full time. It’s glorious! I’ve already said all the sappy stuff in the beginning so I’m not going to sugar coat it now. It’s going to be so nice to have the day to me! Yes, I’m a SAHM so you’re probably thinking “now what are you going to do with your time? Eat bonbons and watch
inappropriate TV all day?!?”


Honestly some days I just might, but for real I’ve made blogging my career and when summer break rolled around it was really hard for me to get any work done at home and that’s what bloggers do, work from home! Not to mention I really enjoy running and working out at home, but both are extremely hard to do. For starters, running when neither kid fits in a stroller anymore and they decide to ride their bikes for 5 minutes max before complaining they were hot and tired, or my 30 minute workout DVD turns into 60 minutes after pausing to yell at the girls multiple times to get along or telling them just a minute after they ask me for everything under the sun.

With all this time I’ll be able to get things done during the day like errands, house chores, blogging, working out and so on. I can now do it all while the girls are in school and not feel bad for not giving them attention and know they can get my full attention once they step off that bus from school.


Now I may eat my words after day in and day out of not having my girls around as often, but right now I’m so happy!! 🙂