Raising girls

Have you ever had a mother of boys tell you “if you had boys things would be so different”? Boys are rambunctious and like to do gross things like talk about poop and farts or maybe that boys are just like the energizer bunny. Well from my experience of being a girl only mom, girls before puberty are EXACTLY the same!!! Like seriously, I’m not missing out on the trips to the ER from bumps and bruises or eating coins for that matter. My youngest Emily D loves to run around the house singing the poo song (a song she made up) while completely naked not to mention everytime you get her undressed for a bath or just a change of clothes she turns around shows you her butt and makes fart sounds.


Yes, there is definitely a lot of pink, purple, tutus and sass in my life because of these girls of mine, but the crazy boy personality is not limited to boys only.


In my opinion the best things about being a girl only mama is really just being a girl myself so understanding their bodies during the potty training stage and how to style the hair, I’m sure things will change dramatically once those not so fun preteen years come but for now it seems that boys and girls all have their own unique personality that’s not defined by gender.