Making friends as a Grown-Up

What I am,you helped me to be.


I moved to Georgia last fall and it’s taken me all this time just to find, and have one friend. It took me all of seven months to meet a fellow mom and realize we have a lot in common and also like hanging out together besides at the bus stop waiting for the kiddos.

It’s amazing how easy it is for your children to make friends in a new place even if it’s an afternoon at the park. They just find a kid that likes to climb the monkey bars, ask them their name, and tell them theirs and boom! Instant friends (at least until they leave the park). But for us moms, or at least me, I can’t just go up and start talking to another mom. There have been times I see another mom rocking the same converse as me, or talking to her kids the same way I do, feeling like I can relate and then I think I should say “hey nice shoes” or “I understand how you feel”, instead I just continue to stand there in silence till my phone saves the day with a chime of a received text message.

Why is it so awkward for us to just go up to a fellow mom and say “hey you seem cool lets hang!” Is there such a thing as for friendship? If not there totally should be.

It’s funny how once you do create that friendship you can tell them pretty much anything, like how you really want to hang out with them the first time you’d met or saw them but stayed standing in awkward silence for months before that first “Hi” moment and then frustrated because you could have been friends this whole time.

Let us mom’s stop feeling strange about going up to another grown adult and just saying “hey, I like your style and you seem cool let’s be friends.”