A Sunday with the family

Hope all you mama’s out there had a great Mother’s Day.

I was pleasantly surprised my hubby was able to take the day of to spoil me. My day started a little later while my family let me sleep in a bit. Once I came downstairs my oldest Adalynn was grinning ear to ear and pulled out a card she made at school and ran over and handed it to me while telling me “Happy Mother’s Day!”

It was the sweetest card with a picture of she and I on the front painted in watercolor, I was wearing stripes, oh how she knows her mama. The inside was sweet and funny  things about me from the view of my 6 year old. My favorite thing she wrote was that when she is at school I rest. Boy do I wish that was actually true. HA!


After eating some yummy pancakes that the hubby made for me, we got ready and headed to the neighborhood pool. It was fun and a bit relaxing hanging pool side.

Once we got home the girls had definitely wore themselves out, so we mostly just spend the rest of the day just cuddling at home and finished the day grilling.

It was a simply day, that I am truly thankful for, as a wife of a soldier having my family together for special days like Mother’s Day is enough for me.