My Mom Style

Before I became a mom I was just interested in wearing heels with super cute outfits no matter the way it fit as long as I was looking and feeling good, but now over six years later my style has changed quite a bit. I still like wearing a cute chunky heels or wedge shoes on occasion, but mostly I’m in a pair of flats or sneakers.


Now my fashion is all about clothes that fit right and being comfy, no mama wants to bend down to pick up a binky or toy for the millionth time that day and have her goods hanging out. But hey, kudos to the women that still wear heels on the daily while running after their kiddos, I would fall over and bust a knee.

One of my favorite unproductive pastimes is watching beauty gurus on YouTube, and man oh man in one fell swoop they can rock a mean cat eye with a bright neon water line. I watch and think how flippin’ cute? But I’m a mom, how practical is that on me? So I take lessons and ideas but in a more low key manner.

I still like to be on trend with the latest style and feel pretty even though I am a mom. So I’m here to rock the latest in fashion and make up on an everyday mom scale.