Styling a dress for everyday mom life.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram and spot a fellow mama sporting a super cute outfit, then you click buy on the tab to get the look in the mail and think, “What was I thinking? How am I suppose to wear this?” I am definitely guilty of that myself. I’m here to help you make the most of that impulse online purchase. I think one of the most “what was I thinking?” purchases for us moms are dresses. I mean really? When can you ever where a dress? It’s not something you think to pull out of the closet on an everyday basis.

This dress on the other hand is actually perfect for everyday wear, it’s not flowy so those windy days have nothing on you. Also, it doesn’t ride up for being a tighter dress, and yes it’s a tighter dress but it has the perfect amount of ruche that it hides that mama tummy, or even a food baby from a date night dinner involving Mexican food. You can also rock this dress while you are pregnant! So this dress is win, win, win for sure!

This first look is a great classic way to wear this dress by rocking it with a basic denim jacket and sneakers! Perfect for those cooler fall days.


Look number two allows you to rock the fall trends when the weather is still a little warmer and still be able to run after your kids. These booties are a great way to be a little more put together without having to wear the tall heal. The utility vest is just another great layering piece!

This next look is another great “not quite fall” look. You can add the flannel and have it ready for when it gets cooler in the evening, or when you walk into the produce department of the grocery store. I kept in super casual again with the sneakers, and the hat is perfect to cover up that over dry shampooed hair.


This last look is by far the most comfy way to wear the dress! Pairing it with a super soft and cozy cardigan and flats that don’t require you tying your shoes!!! I received this super cute cardigan from Evy’s Tree but I am also linking another black cardigan I love. These oxford style not tie shoes are a great Target find! Adding some oversized reflective sunnies are great on no makeup days for hiding your no sleep dark circles, and distracted people to look at themselves in instead of noticing the giant zit on your chin.

There you have it! Now this doesn’t mean run out and buy this dress (unless of course you want to) this post is here for inspiration because we can all use a little inspiration once in awhile. 😉


Abercrombie is having a sale!

I’m a part of the Abercrombie rewards program (since I shop there enough) and received an email yesterday letting me know there was a “sneek peek” 40% sale. I had a sneaking suspicion that meant they were going to continue to have the deal through the weekend and I woke up this morning to see that yes they are still having the deal but for everyone! So as I wait patiently for my items to arrive in the mail I’ll show you some of my picks.

I already have the utility vest and love it! I didn’t get the embroidered tee because, again, I already have one, but I love the one I have and these new styles are super cute! I saw a lot of their jeans are super cheap for the sale and this boyfriend style is super cute. I wear the white cami all the time and have gotten several compliments on it. I listed this cardigan because I love A&F cardigans they never disappoint. The rest I’m just over here waiting for FedEx to show up. ;P

Back to school shopping

Today is the last day Old Navy is having a 40% off everything online sale, so I wanted to let you know some of the cute stuff I snagged for the girls. They started school almost a month ago now, but since they start school when summer was still in full effect I didn’t invest in back to school clothes at the time. I just got them a new pair of sneakers for PE and let them pick out one new outfit for that first day. Then they continue to wear their shorts and tank tops from their summer wardrobe.

We finally got some cooler weather this week and so I figured it was time to go through drawers and see what they need. Emily doesn’t usually need much thanks to big sisters hand me downs, however styles change and the older they get the more clothes get destroyed before making it to the second kid, especially shoes. Adalynn of course needs all the things.

Now that you know the scoop here’s what I picked out for each girl during the sale.

Emily is still in toddler sizes at a 5T, here are my picks. Every year I get her easy pull on booties, so she has no problem getting them on herself in the mornings. Leggings several pairs of leggings are a must, she isn’t a fan of jeans so the only pants I can get her to wear are leggings. I also like a good neutral cardigan for layering anything she chooses to wear. She loves to wear dresses. I picked a couple of neutral ones to wear with some fun print leggings. After going through Adalynn’s old clothes I saw Emily didn’t need many long sleeve tops but this mustard colored top was just too cute to pass up.

Now on to Adalynn, she shops in the girls department now. They have cute mini me clothes so it’s hard for me to not just buy her clothes that are totally my style. I have to remember to reflect her style in her clothes. She is actually the easiest to shop for because she isn’t picky, so that is another reason its easy for me to start picking only clothes that are my style. I didn’t end up getting her any boots because most of them had heels and she’s 7 I didn’t think that was appropriate. My favorite items have to be the joggers and the football tee because those two things I would totally rock myself. I got her a cute dress and fun graphic tee as well. She doesn’t run cold like her sister so a perfect layering piece for her is this super cute denim vest. Last but not least a couple new pair of jeans are a must! How cute are the raw hem jeans?

If you are not able to shop the sale today I’m pretty sure they will have another amazing maybe even better sale this Labor day weekend.

How to wear fall apparel before fall

It’s every where you look, all the latest fall and winter trends on Facebook, Instagram, and department stores. Heck, you can even start finding Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas decor starting to pop up in the aisles of your favorite stores.

So what do you do when you see these amazing deals on sweaters, boots and jeans? You stock up in fear that they will not be available later on. Which more than likely you’re right.

Now you have all kinds of cute new clothes, but sadly the thermostat still reads 95 degrees. 😩

If you are like me, you have no patience, and want to wear all those cute clothes right away. It’s been that way since we were kids, you know the deal, all that back to school shopping, mom buying you a sweater and pair of jeans one size up in July knowing you’ll fit into them by Christmas, and on that first day of school in mid August you are sporting that sweater and jeans because it’s new!

Things haven’t changed much now that we are adults except for the buying a size up part, well unless maybe you’ve been thinking of that delicious turkey dinner you’ll be having, now that’s thinking ahead!

In this post I’m going to show you a few ways I wear my new Fall apparel when my weather app reads “feels like 104 degrees…”

The best way to wear that super cute sweater is to rock it with a cute pair of distressed shorts. It’s like wearing a pair of jeans with a tank top but flipped, so you won’t look too crazy wearing a sweater in the heat of the outdoors. This is also a good time to rock the booties as well.

We all love a good flannel top for fall, but again it’s way too hot to be wearing flannel, so a super quick and easy way to wear your flannel is as an accessory to your look! Here I paired it with some comfy leggings and a basic white tee.

To the left to the left…Yes I am aware I am looking left in every shot. What can I say? It’s my good side. ;p Now the last look– I’m pretty sure cardigans are the “it” clothing item of the fall season, they are advertised everywhere you look. These are probably the easiest to style as you can wear them over anything, a tank and shorts like I am here or even over a cute summer dress.


Athleisure – Styling Moto Leggings

I’m all about looking put together, but also being comfy, so I love to rock the athleisure trend with a cute pair of joggers and sneakers, or in this case leggings. Before I get started, I want to address that there are a couple of ways to ruin the athleisure look. One is wearing work out gear from head to toe with no actual intention of working out. You have to chop it up with some pieces that are not what you would wear during a workout session. The second way is dressing in the latest 15 year old girl fashion, running shorts and your dad’s oversized tee, that may be on trend for the tweens but not us old ladies, aka mom’s. 😉

Examples of how not to dress athleisure:


As you can see, on the left I look like I’m about to start a crazy HIIT workout with hot pink lips and mirrored aviators because that’s what you do right?! ;P Now on the right you have to admit you could mistake me for a teenage girl, or I suppose a mom that just fell outta bed, and though I’m all about looking young (aren’t we all), I don’t want to be mistaken for a teenager with my three kids.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I want to talk more about these super cute moto leggings. They were in the sale of the year, you know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, duh. I definitely overlooked them the first time around. I thought they were cute BUT when would I wear them?!?! I mean, they are workout pants and I’m not one to get fancy with what I’m about to sweat my butt off in, then I took a second look and realized they are a great alternative to the basic black leggings without going too crazy with the faux leather leggings. Faux leather leggings are super cute but I just can’t bring myself to rock them.

So like I mentioned, I’m just wearing them the way I would with a pair of basic black leggings. I don’t think they would be a good pant for thigh or over the knee boots, but you could definitely wear some cute booties with them. For this post I’m sticking to the comfy styles.

styling black leggings-moto leggings
styling black leggings-moto leggings

The first look is rocking the leggings with stripes and a cardigan. The striped top and cardigan are both longer so they cover the bum and who-ha, which can be very important when wearing leggings. I paired the look with of course, a comfy pair of sneakers.

styling black leggings – moto leggings
styling black leggings-moto leggings-utility vest

I took a risk with the shorter white tee in this look, but an awesome thing about these moto leggings are they are a thicker material so you don’t have to worry about the shear affect happening on the bum. Just don’t go too crazy and hike them up because no one wants the dreaded camel toe. No bueno. Another great trend this Fall is both utility jackets and vest. I went with a vest in this look because it’s still super hot here in Southern Georgia.

mom graphic top – tee – tshirt – baseball tshirt

Last, I couldn’t complete this post with out showing you a basic car pool mom look!!! Just a cute graphic tee with a fun saying to rock while getting the kiddos off to school! This cute top is from Tread Tank. They sell the comfiest basic tees with an endless amount of cute graphics and saying.

6 months postpartum update

It has already been six months since I had baby Maxwell, and though that last miserable month is still fresh in my mind, not to mention labor, 😳 I am having total baby fever. Yep, he is just that great of a baby, or maybe it is just that mama finally has her baby boy. Like I have mentioned before, my husband is very much the “more the merrier” type of person when it comes to babies, so I have to be the strong practical one in the relationship. I am giving myself till Maxwell is one year old before making any hasty decisions on a fourth babe.

One of my reasons for wanting a fourth babe is that I see the relationship my girls have and they are thick as thieves. They may have their fights, but they also always have each other. With Max being so much younger (4 years) he is missing out on that with them, so he needs a sibling to be thick as thieves with too!


Anyway moving on to the postpartum because that is why you are here.

The very end of month four is when I officially stopped exclusively pumping. Maxwell continued to drink my milk until the end of five months and now he is on formula. I have him on this kind here, it was the same I used for the girls. The last couple weeks of his fifth month all he would do is stare when anyone in the family would eat, so we started him on some different types of food, he was so ready.

He rolls around the living room floor from back to belly and belly to back all day long. He is getting better and better at sitting up. I have a feeling he is going to give me a run for my money when he starts truly being mobile. He makes the sound “MuMu”, like Mama, but I would not say it is his first word because it is not directed towards me. He is a chunk and I love it! I love baby rolls! Adalynn was a chunky baby too. He also still really loves his sleep.

As for me, the hair loss is insane right now. I can easily pull handfuls of hair out with ease. My hair is everywhere and it is outta control! My itty bitty’s are back, if ya know what I mean. I have been checking my weight and I am not quite back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am in a size four jean now, but was a zero pre-pregnancy. One think I keep having to tell myself is, I am comparing my four year post baby body to my now six month post baby body. They are not going to be the same. Though I wear a bigger size and am still not at my “normal” weight, comparing pictures of before and after I look pretty similar and I am happy with where I am at. I continue to workout 30-40 minutes a day, 5-7 days a week. I am eating a bit healthier but mostly just eating my normal portions.

Well, that’s it!

My current in shower beauty products.

My favorite time of day to take a shower is in the evening after I have finally put the kids to bed. It is then that I can take a shower in peace and be all clean and cozy for my own bedtime.

Let me start by saying that I am a poof and body wash girl all the way. Right now I am using the Raw Sugar, mango and coconut, body wash per the recommendation of a friend. I love all smells coconut and this one is no exception.

The first thing I do when I get in the shower is wash my makeup off. I have my favorite products for makeup removal in my skin care post here. Once all my makeup is washed off I wash my hair with my Dove shampoo, and I always deep condition when I wash my hair with my holy grail L’Oréal hair mask.

I recently received a razor and shave gel from Harry’s, a monthly razor subscription. You can also just find them at Target whoop whoop! Normally when you think Harry’s, you think men, but have you ever noticed how men’s razors are better than women’s!? Why is that? These razors are no exception to that assumption! They get an awesomely close shave even on those pesky knees! The shaving gel is very masculine in scent but I don’t mind, guys smell good and it doesn’t linger.

Once I am all done and have everything rinsed of I lotion up. I’m an avid lotion user. I do not live anywhere near a Trader Joe’s but recently was able to go to one and stocked up on my all time favorite coconut body butter, it smells like vanilla icing! When I am not able to get it I will use the Jergen’s coconut moisturizing lotion.

There you have it! Now you know what I’m doing and using in the shower….because that statement didn’t sound dirty at all!

Abercrombie Sale!

Thanks to one of my home girls, texting me this morning asking for a good recommendation for an oatmeal colored cardigan, I would have never seen that Abercrombie is having a 60% off sale. It is one of my new favorite online places to shop. They have some new and old stuff in this sale.

After the drawn out over publicized Nordstrom Sale I was going to cut myself off from any clothes shopping for a bit AND now I can’t because what a deal!

Here are a few items I ended up putting in my shopping cart today.

The henley tank will be perfect for showing off the bralette trend and I can’t pass up a great cardigan, I actually don’t have one in oatmeal so I’ll be twinning my friend. 🙂 I’ve been wanting a good shirt dress and at this price I had to have it! The cami is another great layering piece for the bralette trend and will be super cute under a cozy cardigan.


There are also some of my go-to basics in the sale too! I have this muscle tank in both the light pink and navy stripes and now they are marked down to $7.20 and the tee is also only $7.20

There is really so much good stuff in this sale and I wish I could buy it all! Go check out the sale and comment what you ended up purchasing!

My Favorite Foundation

Though I love recommending certain products and clothing pieces to you, I’m just as much of, if not more, a reader or viewer of products to get and try.

I’m obsessed with watching beauty gurus on YouTube. That’s where I get great makeup tricks and ideas and learn about products I’ve seen and want to try or have never even heard of.

I was using my It cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream but honestly I’m over looking like a Twilight character and the shade was getting to dark now that my beach tan is faded away.  I thought I wanted to go back to the L’Oréal Cushion Foundation. It’s a great light coverage foundation for summer. Everything out there makes you believe light coverage is best in the summer! Yay! But with all this heat the light coverage stuff just melts right off my skin. I’m a dry skin lady and in the winter full coverage just doesn’t work. That’s when my skin is at its worst and can look like a hot caking, flaky mess so that’s actually the best time for a good light weight foundation for me. I want to go full coverage in the summer when my skin is at its best…sounds strange but trust me a more full coverage foundation looks natural on my skin in the summer! It’s great.

A foundation I kept hearing about over and over again was the new Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation. It was always promoted by younger women with combo to oily skin. Being only $5 from the drug store I had my doubts on what it would do for me. Well I was strolling the beauty aisle of Walmart. Which by the way, I should totally do more often they have so much to choose from. I never think to go there. Anyway, they had the Wet n Wild Foundation and it is only $5 so I picked it up.

OMG ladies! It looks so good on the skin!! It last forever too!! I wore it during our trip to Texas and it never looked dry or cakey after a full day traveling and being on a plane. It was still looking amazing after a night walking in the heat and humidity of San Antonio. It seriously was the best! My makeup looked great from the moment I applied it at 8am till I washed it off usually around 10 or 11 at night. It looks so natural too! Not too full coverage that it looked like a mask. My freckles showed through, it just evened everything out.


I don’t know how it will work on my dry skin in the winter I may need to just go back to a good light coverage foundation but it’s definitely what I’m going to be rocking the rest of the summer!

Here are the products I use to finish up my everyday look.


The Nordstrom Sale-My Top Picks 2017

My favorite store to shop at online is having their biggest sale of the year starting today!! If you couldn’t guess, it’s Nordstrom. I don’t live near a Nordstrom store so I do all my shopping online, which honestly, I love because I can just peruse the website in my PJs while the babe naps, and it’s free shipping and returns! High five ✋🏻 to that!

Like I mentioned, this sale starts today for card holders, but starts on July 21st (my birthday whoop whoop) for everyone else. I did give in and get the Nordstrom card this year so I could check out the deals ASAP!

If you are a “plan ahead” type person this sale is for you. They are marking down brand new Fall apparel! How awesome is that? Just make a list now of what you need for this years Fall wardrobe and you’re all set. I’m going to be on the look out for some new booties and cardigans since one can never have too many of those, and jeans since my size keeps changing being postpartum.

Here are my picks so far.

There are A LOT of great stuff but I’m not going to post every item I think is cute. I’m only showing you want I plan on investing my money on. Also I haven’t found any jeans I like yet but they add new items to the sale each day. I’ll let you know if and when I find a good pair of jeans.

I live in southern Georgia so it probably won’t even get cold till Christmas if I’m lucky. If that’s the case for you as well, the sale also includes great deals on summer apparel too!

I’ll just be sweating my ass off, sporting my Fall boots in sweaters as soon as it’s declared Fall, even if it’s still 90 degrees. Yes, I’m that committed to the best season ever!

Be sure a follow me to see what items I end up snagging at this one of a kind sale!