Old Navy Sale and Try-On

Hey Ladies! Per-usual Old Navy is taking advantage of a holiday and having another sale…What are the odds there are so many sales right now AND it happens to be tax refund season, coincidence? Either way I’m not complaining. 🙂

My Old Navy was pretty bare earlier this week so there really wasn’t much to try on for you, but I did find a few things.

First up, this super cute utility shirt dress, it comes in several colors. I thought it would be super cute to layer this gray one with one of the many striped shirts they offer. They also have a great selection of tote and cross body handbags, loving this canvas one.

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On My Baby Boy’s Birthday

One day Maxwell James, you will be a hairy man that towers above me but today, today, you are my baby boy.

I believe in all my heart that you were meant to be and that you came at the perfect time.

God had a plan and had it timed just right.

You are truly my ray of sunshine. Those dimples, those pearly white teeth can make a girls day, this girl to be exact.

Everyone always talks about the mother and son bond. That, to be honest, before you, I would roll my eyes at…

Though I love your sisters as equally. I am your mama, every women that walks into your life you will unknowingly compare. I hope to set the best example to you and make your expectations high.

And with that, with your father by my side, I hope to rise you as a strong hard working man that provides well for his family and loves them deeply with all his heart. That no matter how big or small you have made a difference in this world.

I can truly say you have been the happiest baby ever in my life. When days have been hard I can always count on your presents to bring joy.

I love you Maxwell James and when you are towering above me all hairy and man-like you will still be my baby boy.



*OK now I’m going to just go have a good cry that my baby is one!*

My Try-On And Favs From Universal Threads At Target

Hey ladies! I headed to Target today, as fast as I could, to try on some of the items from the new Universal Threads line. I was surprised that on launch day there were so many items not in my size! There was a bunch of items online that I couldn’t find in-store as well. In this post I’m going to show you some of the items I was able to get my hands on and some of my favorites I found online.

Two things I want to mention before I dive in. One, though the line seems to really promote their denim, I didn’t really see much that was worth my time. Two, I was told by the sales associate that the line has a one year warranty! Meaning any piece from the line has a warrant for a whole year, if it stretches out, fades, rips, you name it, you can take it back and get it replaced! How awesome is that?!?!?!

You are going to see a lot of button-up tops and knotted tops because, well, I just loved them all. This button up, I tried on, will be great for the Spring! I love the stripes, of course, and you can wear it several ways. Just untucked, half tucked or knot the front!

shirt is a small for reference

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OOTD weekly round-up | No. I

Happy Monday sweet ladies! Over on the IG, also known as Instagram, I’ve been doing daily outfit of the day videos on my stories. I thought it would be fun to carry it over on to the blog. It’s a great way for you to see what you’ve miss or maybe go back to reference.

I love showing you my daily looks for inspiration and updating you on my favorite pieces. It’s also a great excuse for this stay-at-home mama to get dressed for the day!

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